Folksy Ltd

Finally updated to the new look

I have finally updated my shop to the new look, I have to say it looks much fresher :wink:
How are you all finding it?

goodness - I thought everyone switched months ago! I’d almost forgotten we’d changed!

I know, I think most people had…i was dragging my feet! Couldn’t seem to get a minute to sit and do it, for some reason I had expected it to be harder than it was!
PS…is my avatar pic showing up?? xx

I’m not sure what it is, but I can see some pastel coloured blobs so yes!

there felt and fabric cupcakes, teacups and a teapot, brooches.

I didn’t realise some shops hadn’t changed over to the new look! I can’t make out what your avatar is, but it is showing.

Actually, now I’ve clicked on it I can see it’s cupcakes and a teapot, but as they’re so tiny, maybe just one would work better as an avatar?