Folksy Ltd

Ongoing shop revamp

So with feedback on my newish store I have now just sorted combined shipping rather than offering free uk shipping and adjusted item prices accordingly. Yes finished at midnight but can’t sleep anyway lol

Next step, sort some better pictures…then finally I can start listing the untold number of things i have yet to add.

Feel free to take a peek and keep the suggestions coming :smile:

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That’s looking great Paul! I like the uniformity of the backgrounds and your descriptions are impressive. The combined postage looks good too, if I was still buying jewellery I’d be very tempted to buy more than one item to take advantage of it. Let’s hope the sales start flooding in for you now :smile:

Thanks. The in depth listing details I learnt from etsy, trying to cover all things a buyer might wonder. Still have to do better photos as there has been debate about them looking like they were taken on the floor…they were sample tiles so sort of true but not walked on floor lol Once I have done that I can start directing people to the store from our facebook and twitter feeds. Slowly getting there :smile:

I would hope that anyone’s floor would be clean anyway!lol

I see you’ve started listing some of your bead stash, I’ll be keeping an eye on that :smile: