Folksy Ltd

Finally upgraded to a plus account

(Louise Foot) #1

Well I always thought soaps look weird if there is only one or two in stock - I’m not sure whether my customers agree or will have even thought about this

It only took 18 months of procrastination before I decided to upgrade. Now only time will tell if I regret it . At least I can now promote this shop (once its fully stocked & re-jigged) as well as the one on the dark side.

I’ve only sold 63 items in a year. Would you have gone plus in a similar situation?


(Rhiannon Rose) #2

I have no sales at present, but signed up for a plus account anyway! My rationale was: I have six weeks summer holiday, so I will use it to create and list items. If I’ve already paid upfront for a plus account, that will keep me motivated!

(Louise Foot) #3

Yes I was thinking it might help motivate me. I’m careful with wastage so will be wanting so get my monies worth. Good luck with your new shop Rhiannon

(Rhiannon Rose) #4

Thank you!

(Kelly) #5

Good luck with your shops ladies! I think the plus account is worth the money, just think of all the listing fees you’ll save. Sales are dependant on each of us individual sellers. Promotion and what not. x

(Deborah Jones) #6

Mine has just come up for renewal again for the third year. Definitely worth while I 'd say.
Good luck with your shops, fill them up and promote like crazy.

(Amberlilly) #7

Well, I have covered the cost of the plus account, so at least I got my money back, kind of anyway! I just wish it was easier to promote here, I like folksy, and only time will tell if I renew next year? If I double my money then its going to be worth it.

(Louise Foot) #8

Thanks for all your replies :slight_smile: I’m going to be optimistic & I’m hopeful my shop will look better too