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To renew or not to renew

(Sophie Dockrill) #1

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t see anything after scrolling down for quite some time so thought I would ask other’s opinions!

My Folksy plus account is running out in 12 days and I’m really undecided whether to renew or not. I have around 40 items in my shop if that’s of any help! I’ve also only sold 19 items so not sure whether it’s worth the £45 to renew…

I thought re-listing daily would increase my views but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Has anyone else found the Folksy Plus account worth it? Particularly if you don’t have a very large amount of stock?

Thank you in advance!

(Karen Ellam) #2

Hi Sophie

I’m still learning the ups & downs of selling online myself, so I’m not as experienced as lots of other Folksy folk.
This will be my third year of renewing my Folksy plus.
Personally I love it. Each year is getting a little better sales wise.

I definitely think if you have the plus account , stocking up your shop and refreshing with new items is really important to make it work for you.
I think this is where I got it wrong at first. Only having a limited choice and not putting new stuff in frequently enough.

I know it’s tricky finding that balance. I work part time as well as my jewellery making so struggle sometimes to get crafty everyday, but I try to add at least a couple of new bits n bobs each week.
I think I have over a 100 items now.

All the best with your shop

Karen :blush:

(Sasha Garrett) #3

The plus account only makes financial sense if you are going to list/ relist over 250 items per year - I have over 250 items in my shop so for me its a no brainer I just have to list them all once and I’ve made my money back. If you only renew your 40 items when they expire that would only come to 120 listings/ relistings so you would be better sticking with pay as you go. Even if you were to add 5 new items to your stock line each month (not sure if that is possible/ practical) and only renew them when they expire I don’t think you’ll make it to the 250 threshold (runs off to find calculator - no you wouldn’t quite make 250 threshold if my maths is right) so maybe try adding new lines each month but not relisting until they expire.
Whether or not it is worth relisting regularly depends a bit on which category you are in I think - in jewellery there are so many items that being towards the front of the section/ search results (as a result of relisting regularly) it is worth doing, there are far fewer baby items so it is possibly less important relisting regularly (as you have seen with your daily relisting perhaps) and getting the tags right is more important. Not sure on that one.

(Sophie Dockrill) #4

Thank you @karenscraftybitz, you are definitely right about adding new products to keep it fresh etc. I also work part time so struggle to find much time to create, especially as everything takes so long to make! But now winter is (sort of!) over, I’ll have more time to make items and add them to my shop!

Thank you very much @SashaGarrett for doing the maths for me! I’m working on my tags and seo much more lately, not sure it’s helping yet though! I may leave the re-newing for now, get a much higher amount of stock in my shop and maybe then consider it!

Thank you both for your replies!

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(Roz) #5

If you decide not to renew then don’t forget to relist all your items on the last day of the plus account so then they will have 4 months left to run before they cost you anything and you can then put your efforts/money into some new listings :slight_smile:

(Sophie Dockrill) #6

Ah yes, very good point @OrchardFelts! Thank you… I must remember to do that!

(Kennelcraft) #7

I have had a folksy shop for 10 months and have had two sales in that time.i have 46 items in my shop .sometimes lots of views other times nothing. I promote and relist daily but don’t seem to have the sales.i am also thinking whether to renew or not

(Sophie Dockrill) #8

Tough decision isn’t it @Kennelcraft! Perhaps you could see how you go without renewing, see if it makes a difference to views etc? That’s what I’m going to do. Relisting doesn’t seem to make much difference to me! Maybe when we get more items in our shops it’ll be more cost effective? Good luck with your shop!