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Finding a person on Folksy

please let me know if it is possible to find a person who sells her goods on folksy?
And how?

If you know the name of her shop then put that into the search box on the front page just remember to change the search from ‘items’ to ‘shops’ I don’t think you can search for a person’s name (unless of course it’s included in their shop name)

Thanks deesDesigns. But I know only her name not her shop name.:relieved:

You could try it anyway, her name might be in her shop name, or start a thread on here ‘searching for …’ and add the name

Have you tried doing a search on google, using ‘folksy + her name’? Sometimes it picks up names from shop pages or profile pages that way.

Or try searching for the items she sells (if you know that) and you might strike lucky.