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Google search found me!

I did a google search for MR MYLO today and it brought up my shop (but it is empty!) I didn’t even have to type MR MYLO dog collars!! So i’ve decided to start transferring stock from our Eskimo Circus one. Does anyone elses brand show up when they search google?

I operate under my own name and when I google that my folksy shop comes up top followed by my profile on a local craft person website. I’m more impressed with how high up I come on google searches with generic terms for some of the pieces I make eg fordite cufflinks or bowlerite pendant.

That’s really good and next on my list. It’s really difficult with so much competition out there

Yes it does find me - interesting to see that my Folksy shop is higher up in the search than my FB page and my e*** shop - is that because I use it more?

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Yes, my shop comes up at the top too, don’t know if it is because I have an unusual surname though.

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Maybe the SEO on Folksy is better? It has give me lost of encouragement to keep going though - Yay Folksy!

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Trawden Soap Kitchen comes up right at the top:). Images search is fun (although also cringey for me as invariably see photos of outdated packaging I would like to put in room 101) I invariably have a mix of my stuff & sanctuary rabbits!!

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Yes, it’s always my Folksy shop that comes up in any search I do relating to my products, never my “E” one.