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Fine Art Landscape photographers?

(John Stead) #1

HI Guys

I’m working on creating a shop selling fine art northern England based landscape photography wall canvases, prints and greeting cards.

Can anyone offer any advice regarding this and Folksy?
I have already started building up my social marketing elements such as Fb page, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a WP blog. I’m hoping to use these to direct traffic towards my products.

Also I will hold a stock of professionally printed greeting cards but prints and wall canvases will be ordered/ printed as required. Is this the best way to go about it?


(Margaret Jackson) #2

John, why not ask on the weekly art chat thread. Someone there maybe able to help you. I buy a lot of art but it’s mostly originals so I tend not to collect photography.

(John Stead) #3

thanks Louisa15 ill give that a try :smile: