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Returning to Folksy?

(IainSByrne) #1


I had a Folksy shop some years ago before moving to Etsy, I create and sell wildlife art prints and cards.

There have been many changes lately on Etsy and my sales have gone down despite lots of social media promotion. What I would like to ask the Folksy community is would it be worth my while returning to Folksy.

Any advice from long term Folksy sellers would be appreciated,

Iain S Byrne

(Brenda Cumming) #2

Welcome back Iain.
I think sales are slow everywhere lately but seem to be picking up a bit in the last few weeks.
I have found that daily listing has increased my sales, as has becoming a PLUS member.
Hope you do well and come and join us on the Art Chat thread…

(Amberlilly) #3

Hi Iain. I have found Etsy very hard. I have a plus account now and I find promoting is important. I use Instagram and this is the only way I have got sales. Worth ago. I think we all have our own best way to promote. But I don’t think the search is a way I get found.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Welcome back Iain. As you know I love your artwork so I do hope you come back to Folksy.

(IainSByrne) #5

having done quite a bit of research I am returning to Folksy, yay I here some of you say, LOL

Will start building my shop and posting listings over the coming days and weeks

Thanks for your replies,


(Yvonne Stewart) #6

Hi Iain

I’ve just returned to Folksy too (I was on about five years ago). I’ve noticed a difference on etsy since they introduced the changes as well. It will be interesting to see how things go on here.

All the best,


(IainSByrne) #7

Thanks Yvonne, totally agree about Etsy and I don’t think going public will help, it will be all about shareholders and profits!! Good luck to you too.

(Karen Ellam) #8

Welcome back @IainSByrne & @Coramantic

All the best with your shops :smiley:


(Amberlilly) #9

Well done @IainSByrne welcome back. Look forward to hearing how you are doing.

(IainSByrne) #10

Thanks Karen

(IainSByrne) #11

Shop now ready for listing which I’ll do over the weekend