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First day on Folksy

My first day on Folksy! how and where do I promote my items?

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Hi! Welcome to folksy!! There are lots of craft groups on Facebook, make sure you set yourself up a Facebook page twitter, instagram for your crafts and link them all to your shop. There are also networking posts to share your items in the forum :smiley:

Hi Ladpn, welcome to Folksy, love your jewellery. I generally promote on facebook, my blog and I spend some time on the forum, there are usually a few promotion threads you can join in with. There are a few others who will possibly come along later or tomorrow with a few more suggestions. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Folksy - I just shared one pair of your earrings in here : New Shop Welcome

Thank you so much I will create a Facebook page and load up more items

Thank you so much for that

Thanks Kirsty

Why don’t you join one of the Folksy networking groups on Facebook? I’m in the Folksy networking group and the Folksy shop group and there’re both fab - really lovely people. Martine x

I also use facebook but you need to set up a business page to otherwise facebook will block you as they see it as spamming if you promote from your personal page.

Set up twitter, pinterest, as well.

I also would suggest Google+ there are lots of promoting communities you can join on there and being on Google+ helps get your items further up in a google search as does using Craftjuice.

Also I would suggest getting business cards/flyer and lots of word of mouth.

The more places you promote the more links you’ll have back to your shop all over the internet.
Don’t forget to join in the promotional threads in the Showcase part of the forum. For rules of how those work just go to the top of those type of thread and to see the first post which will tell you how it works.

Beware this takes times I don’t mean a few days but weeks and often months before you start seeing a rise in views and sales.

A big welcome to you and all the best.
I’ll pin a couple of your items to my January on folksy board to help you along :slight_smile:

Hi Ladpn,
I found the daily listing thread on here really good to get to know a few people and to get your items seen, They are a really friendly bunch! Love your jewellery, good luck to you :grinning:

Hi Ladpn
Welcome Folksy! You have some really nice jewellery.
I’m just getting to grips with Facebook and Instagram - as some of the earlier posts have mentioned - they might be a good place to start.