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Where and how is the best way to advertise?

(Kimmichelles Gems) #1

I’m not great at all the technical stuff so really looking for a bit of advice on how and where to advertise, I’ve had a few sales but mainly through word of mouth from friends or family. I basically have a year to see if I can make this shop work so really want to push it forwards now. Any advice greatly received.

(Karen Ellam) #2


I use Pinterest, Instagram, twitter and CraftJuice to promote my shop. Also the forum has a daily listing thread which is a great way to get to know some of us and let’s people see what your making.
I’d say you need more than a year to watch your shop flourish. I’ve nearly reached my first year and its only slowly taking shape and getting more views.
I think we just have to be patient. I see it as our shops start off as a snowflake, and each month we gather a little momentum and become a small snowball. In a few years hopefully we will become a bigger snowball… And then an avalanche…hehehe. Just getting carried away lol :grinning:

Good luck with your shop, and have fun with it.
I couldn’t directly click to your shop as I can’t see your little shopping basket icon. I think you need to log back in for it to appear :blush:

Karen :cake:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I was going to check out your shop too but the basket icon wasn’t there so I couldn’t…

Good luck!

(Sarah Eves) #4

Hello - and welcome to Folksy :smile:

I would concentrate on advertising off Folksy - Pinterest, facebook etc as you need to direct traffic into Folksy from outside.
And maybe leave some business cards, flyers etc in local shops.

Sarah x

(Shirley Woosey) #5

Kim @KimmichellesGems you have some lovely jewellery in your shop.

Put a link to your Folksy shop front in your Talk Folksy profile and if you sign out and then sign back into the Talk Folksy forum the little basket that Margaret @Louisa15 is talking about should appear next to your name on the thread.

Both will make it easier for people to link direct to your shop from the forum instead of having to search for your shop.

Lots of good advice given above about how to promote.
Good luck with your shop.
Shirley x

(Susan Bonnar) #6

You need to be promoting on Twitter, Facebook, Craftjuice, Stumbleupon, Flickr, plus others as previously stated!

I’m a bit biased too but I run British Crafters where you can promote your Folksy shop. We are reopening on 1st Sept and have a vibrant Fb page, Twitter Hour, Newsletter etc that you can get involved with. Come and have a look! If you don’t have time to run your promotions we can do it for you!

Dottie x

(Kimmichelles Gems) #8

Thank you, I’ve now added the little trolley icon and am aiming to be a snowman one day!

(Margaret Jackson) #9

oh lovely, a shop full of beautiful shiny things, I like it! :smile: