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New here - Help and hints for promoting my shop

Hello, I joined Folksy a while ago but have only just got round to listing items and opening my shop. I’d love to know how you guys promote yourselves and drive traffic to your shops, so far I have only been selling on Facebook and using crafting communities on there to promote myself, any hints and tips would be much appreciated :smiley:
Thank you

Why not join the daily listing thread on here, I am sure you would be most welcome. Rachel

I use pinterst, twitter, my facebook business page, google+, wanelo, craftjuice

I spend 5 minutes every day 6 days a week making a post on one of the above. This way I’m not bombarding my followers on any site but I’m spreading it out over the different sites. I have different followers on different sites.

Also being on more than one social media platform means more links which is what google like so my shop and my items come further up in a google search.

I also join in the forum promoting threads where we promote each other.

I use word of mouth and business cards.

There’s also instrgam, and tumblr,

As I’m on a number of crafting forums and with permission of those crafting forum’s admin teams every time I post I have a link to my shop in my posts.

Best always to make your promoting a slow drip feed sort of thing rather than a drought then flood time of thing.

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Hello and welcome! You can get tips from the Folksy Blog

There is also #folksyhour which is on Twitter on Tues nights, 8-9pm where we chat away about a chosen topic - this week it’s about the financial side of things like Tax Returns etc.


We’ve actually changed the topic tonight and moved the money chat to next week, so tonight it’s how to find interesting content to share instead. We’d love to see you there though if you can come @CraftCreateDream - there’s more info about Folksy Hour here…

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