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First ever blog? Do you blog?

(Jennifer Combes) #1

A few days or so I wasn’t even sure what one was, but here is my first attempt! I am learning so much!

My Life in Jurassic Park and Beyond…

See what you think??? Does anyone else find blogging helpful?

My next topic is going to be about contacting the press…

How do other people decide what to blog about??

(Natalie Franca) #2

That’s wonderful!! I don’t have a blog (knitting takes up every spare minute I have), but I do love reading other peoples whilst knitting. I’ve bookmarked yours and am really looking forward to reading more!

Natalie xx

(Jennifer Combes) #3

aww thanks!

Love your scarves with the buttons!

(Natalie Franca) #4

Ahh thank you so much :blush:


(CopperTobi) #5

I was thinking about blog, but I have no idea how start :slight_smile: Maybe one day I’ll find some courage and will do it :slight_smile: Wish you fun with yours!

(Allison Jill Reid) #6

I started my patchwork and quilting blog last October. I think it helps to have a main theme so that people can find you and you become part of a community. I blog about the projects I’m working but also things that interest me - like seeing a wall hanging to commemorate last years Magna Carta anniversary or the colours I see on an Autumn walk. All the advice (and there is plenty to be found on line) points to having your natural voice as you write - go for it and enjoy!

(Thatenamelguy) #7

Good job (no pun intended :grinning:) @talkofthetownparties. Looking forward to the next instalment.

(Jennifer Combes) #8


Is there somewhere we can all advertise our blogs? Maybe a thread? should I make one?

(Bee Skelton) #9

I’ve had blogs since around 2003. That’s not to say I’m a slave to them and post every day. It depends what I have to say and how busy I am with studio work and life in general. My oldest blog is a record of work-in-progress, life in general and things I care about. Lots of art and the occasional rant. I find it helpful as a diary process and personally looking back it often helps me make sense of things, events and art processes that would otherwise have been lost over time.

My other blog is less wordy usually and mostly just images of paintings and drawings I’ve made. But it may change at any time. That’s the beauty of blogs. They can be anything you want them to be.

I recommend blogs. Just as long as you don’t get too bogged down with them and feel you have to post all the time. Relax into one… you might like it. Great way of getting your work seen, meeting like-minded folk online and you’ll even sell your work through it. Good luck!

(Bee Skelton) #10

Good idea Jennifer @talkofthetownparties It would be interesting to have a place for the blogs of other Folksy folk. Let us know when you’ve set it up :sunny:

(Bee Skelton) #11

@AllisonJReid I really enjoyed reading your blog. There’s just one problem… you’ve made me itch to start piecing fabric again, something I did in a very small way a very long time ago. I did it by hand in those days. I suppose you’d call it patchwork. So relaxing and therapeutic. I loved it then but never seemed to finish anything… that ‘monster’ you talk about in your blog. Painting took over and keeps me more than busy. I will be visiting your blog again and just hope I can resist the quilting bug!

(Allison Jill Reid) #12

Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I’m afraid there is very little hope of being cured of patchwork addiction - even the occasional visit by a monster problem isn’t enough! I hope you do venture into regular blogging and find it a way of inspiring you and reflecting on the thoughts behind your art and business.