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Flat Peaches

(Leslie Morton) #1

I have lived all over the world, bought fruits and vegetables from the Carbbean to Asia and enjoy new tastes and sensations BUT yesterday I went into Aldi’s to pick up some fruit and found flat peaches grown in Spain. They ripened overnight and they are absolutley delicious. Anyone else seen this?

(Karen Ellam) #2

Yes I love flat peaches. I got some in Tesco a few weeks back, but I haven’t seen them since.
They were lovely, sweet, juicy and delicious :yum::yum::peach::peach:


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(Roz) #3

Yes, we found them in Aldi too :smile:

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(CopperTobi) #4

They are very nice :slight_smile: I was thinking about buying them again for my little fruity eater :slight_smile:

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(Sasha Garrett) #5

We regularly get them at our green grocers, they are known as saturn peaches round here. I have seen the trees for sale at the place where I got my fruit bushes but I’ve no idea if they would fruit in this country. I’ll see if I can find them again.

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(Sasha Garrett) #6

Found it - any one wanting to try growing their own will probably need a south facing patio/ wall and a couple of years patience based on my experience with other fruit trees.
they do a flat nectarine as well.

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(Deborah Jones) #7

We have bought them in Lidl , where they call them donut peaches , they are perfect for school lunchboxes as they don’t get squashed and bruised.
I expect they have been genetically messed with by man to be that shape ,as they weren’t around when I was a kid.

(Sasha Garrett) #8

It was a natural mutation found in China and introduced to the USA in the 1869 so the flatness has nothing to do with people in lab coats. Some selective breeding has gone on to improve the flavour and the trees are grafted onto a different rootstock to control the habit and vigour but that is true for fruit trees of all types. Sorry if this is a bit terse as you’ve hit on a pet peeve of mine about people assuming things have been genetically modified by humans.

(Deborah Jones) #9

Thanks ,I googled them , good to know their genetic mutation was natural .

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(Plumporridge) #10

I’ve never heard of them, but I go to Aldi so I’ll look out for them. I like fruit on my cereal each morning, usually banana and kiwi, but I live life on the edge so I’ll try them!

(HeidiMeier) #11

They are brilliant - we know them as donut peaches. The best thing about them II think is that they are really easy to eat, instead of dribbling over your face like normal peaches do, you can scoff these very easily with minimal mess!!

(Leslie Morton) #12

I am glad everyone has been enjoying them and good to know they are “all natural”. I bet they would be divine in a shortcake! Next I am going to get a pear in a bottle for my Pere William brandy. I don’t drink at all anymore but they are great in a compote.

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(Stefan Christopher) #13

Delicious and… it’s very easy to remove the stone. They essentially fixed peaches!

(Amberlilly) #14

Will try them again then, as last time i bought some, from a local green grocer last summer, they weren’t very nice. So maybe had a bad batch? will give them another go! :smile:

(NataliaBraga) #15

I just saw them in the supermarket last weekend – completely freaked me out! Good to know they’re natural!

(Tina Martin) #16

I saw the flat peaches yesterday in Aldi, didn’t whether to try them, but I will now :slight_smile:

(Leslie Morton) #17

Thanks for the link, Sasha

(Susan Mochrie) #18

They call them something like pattie pan peaches, I saw them in an independent green grocer in Leicester about 5 years ago, I’m glad the supermarkets are stocking them now, I love them, so easy to bite into :blush: