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Looking for Marizpan Fruit for December delivery

Hi everyone

I am looking for old fashioned Marzipan Fruit as a gift for hubby this Christmas ( I will also get peace and quiet as I couldn’t find any last year).

No chocolate.

I have sent a message to I Candy Boutique who I bought tons of stuff from last Christmas.

Please can you email me at or find me on FB as Lesley Harbron (profile picture is a union jack). I may forget to check back here.

Also looking for confectionary for an 18th year who likes pink and girlie stuff. Just small gift for a work colleague.

Also small tree gifts for adults and a 6 year old. Just small. I will have a look through folksy again anyway - just need to get the marzipan fruit sorted.

Hope to hear from someone for marzipan fruit !

Thank you Lesley x

My mum always buys that marzipan fruit each Christmas (I always remember because I think marzipan is horrific but she always offers me some!) haha she always just buys it in Asda.

I thought we used to have a food section on here. I can’t even see it any more, what would it come under?( Scrub that - I found it under Home wares- not jump out visible though)

Belgian chocolate shops usually stock marzipan fruits.

If you can’t find a Folksy seller who can make them, try, I’m sure they usually have them in their catalogue.

I used to make marzipan fruits! Wasn’t aware you could sell food on folksy. Do you think others apart from yourself would buy them online? I would worry about them getting ruined through the post though…

Hi Louisa
Just wondered if you had any prices / qtys yet?

Hi, sorry, no I haven’t yet! It is on my to do list, I shall move it to the top and let you know tomorrow, I hope that’s OK xx

Hi Lesley,
I have done a bit of research and come up with the following:
9 fruits (approx 100g) £7.50
15 fruits (approx 165g) £10.00
These will obviously come in a presentation box with ribbon.
Second Class postage will be £2.80 for both sizes as the packaging will be the same height.
How does that sound?
KInd Regards,

Hi Louisa
Sounds great, thank you! I will buy the 15 fruit. If putting on a listing let me know the link. Ii can buy weekend or whenever you are ready. Would Dec delivery be OK? Gives you time too. Many thanks Lesley x

Hi, sorry, I’ve been away for the weekend! I will list later on today and send you a link. December delivery will be absolutely fine, I’ll post around 15th to make sure you get them in time! Message you later!

marzipan fruits

I have listed them, hope the link works!

Thank you for your business! Kind regards,
Louisa x