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Flavoured lip balms?

(Donna) #1

Does anyone out there like flavoured lip balms? I can’t decide weather to make them as I prefer the plain ones. Do you think they’d sell?
Donna x

(Margaret Jackson) #2

There’s only one way to find out if they’d sell and that’s to put them up for sale! :smile:

It’s not something I’d buy myself, but them I’m probably not typical so it’s hard to say what others would want.

(Donna) #3

I don’t like them either, but thought maybe they’d be good for teenagers?

(Liz Dyson) #4

Donna, my teenage daughter buys flavoured lip balm and also seems to get given loads as pressents.


(Leathermeister) #5

High Donna @ShropshireNaturalProducts I love flavoured lip balm and always buy it in preference to unflavoured. Personally I like strawberry the best the smell is important as well then you first open the lid. Sorry am not a teenager so can’t answer for them.

Could you try making vanilla flavoured one?


(Donna) #6

it’s definately something to think about, I saw some strawberry milkshake flavouring the other day and it smelled amazing so I just had to buy it! If I can drag myself out of the sun for a while I’ll go and try it out :slight_smile:

(Minerva) #7

I think it would depend on your target market too. I would think that younger girls would like the fruity ones and more mature ladies more subtle flavors. I would try one of each kind and see what response you get…

(Stitchingarainbow) #8

I love flavoured lip balms, berry fruits are my favourite.
Yum :smiley:

(Sandra Taylor) #9

I love flavoured lip balms, I like unusual flavours too x

(Donna) #10

Thank you everyone who replied, I’ll be experimenting with flavours over the weekend so watch this space :smile:

(Gretel Parker) #11

I love lip balm and have just bought one. :slight_smile:

(Gretel Parker) #12

Just to add, I have just go my lip balm, and it is fabulous! Really soft and with a subtle colour, I love it and will be buying more. :slight_smile:

(Donna) #13

@gretelparkerdesigns Thank you, I’m glad you like your lip balm. I’ll be adding some more over the next few weeks and I’m working on christmas ones too which will be available in a couple of months.

Donna x

(Suzanne Francis) #14

Im not a teenager, I always have a couple of flavoured lip balms on the go, my favourite flavours are vanilla, and I bought one ages a go (all gone now) but it was my absolute favourite - amaretto , it was divine :smile:

(Donna) #15

lol I’ll consider myself told, lots of people like flavoured lip balms :smile: I’m terrible for just making things I like!!

(Donna) #16

Hi everyone, I have made my first flavoured lip balm, I will make some more over the next few months :smile:

Donna x