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(JPastorek) #1

Hi, i just started here few weeks ago and im thinking to sell here some sweets made just from honey and fruit and vitamins and no sugar at all (gummy bears)

or lolly pops

do you think people will consider to buy it as its kinda healthy (maybe for their kids)
obviously lollypops or candies will have some sugar inside as it will not harden

(JPastorek) #2

obviously those gummy bears will look much better once they will be in original packaging :smiley:

(Roz) #3

The concept sounds good, people are a lot more aware of food additives and their effects these days. The only question I would ask is do you have a food hygiene certificate - I would be wary of buying anything edible from the internet (or at craft fairs etc) unless I could see the certificate. Assuming you have one it might be worth photographing it and putting it in your “about” or “buying from me” section and point people to where they can find it in the listings.

(JPastorek) #4

I work for food industry for 11 years so i have some food safety and food hygiene certificates or listeria awareness etc. will definitely look better if i will include them.
Thank you for tips.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I would also check out if you can use the phrase ‘gummybear’ it might be Trademarked. If it is you’ll have to use different works in your titles, tags and description.