Folksy 365 Daily Listing and Group Promotion Thread - SEPTEMBER 2023

Welcome to the September 2023 Challenge Thread

I’m Caroline from Carolee Crafts, and I will be hosting the August thread.

The rules are outlined below, but the thread regulars will help you with any difficulties - just ask!

  • Share your item for the day on this thread. To do this choose your item from your shop, copy the URL at the top of the page, come onto this thread and hit the blue reply button at the very bottom of the page bottom then add some text and paste your link (Items can be a new listing or an existing/re-list, we don’t mind as long as it’s a different item each day)
  • Click on all of the links for everone elses items to take you to their shop and hit the :heart: - this gives the item a brief appearance on the front page - so more chance of getting seen ( this is the main rule for joining in :slight_smile: ) there is a picture of what to do below.
  • You must be prepared to join in regularly throughout the month - missing the odd day is fine and of course joining in for part month is fine also, we understand not everyone can be here every single day, but please do not ‘post and run’ .
  • If you can promote others as well e.g. tweet, re-tweet or pin (this doesn’t have to be everyone on the thread just pick a few a day if you can) or create a #FolksyFriday collage
  • Let me know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate and happy dance with you.

October - Max @MaxPringJewellery
November- Anna @Fififoxi (and cover for Sept/Oct)
December - Sue Trevor :purple_heart:

Here’s hoping for a successful September :crossed_fingers:
The story so far 2023 - sales total by month:
Jan - 175 - Feb* - 303 - Mar - 191 Apr - 204 - May - 169 - Jun** - 371 - Jul - 266 - Aug - 243 - **Sep - 196
*Seconds Sunday - 5th Feb * Beautiful Bundles - 3rd&4th Jun


aquilacrafts 10
Bruce and Daphne 9
Butterfly Thistle. 2
Cariad Crafts. 1
Caroleecrafts 3
Crafty Nature. 4
CrochetandI 2
Deborah Jones. 5
Enamel Guy. 1
Erkinwald. 4
FluffStuffCrafts 4
Glint Beads. 19
Georgina Crawford. 10
Gweddus 11
Hats & More. 6
Hoppy craft. 3
Jen Star Knits. 2
Jewellery Mori 2
Knots so neat. 3
Lilac Daisy. 6
MaxPringJewellery 33
Orchard Felts. 2
Oswestry. 2
P C Crafts. 1
Pamela Jones. 8
Pocketful Creations 11
Prittee hippi. 3
Sandgate Crafts. 3
Sloths Cavern. 5
SusanBettyArt 3
Sue Trevor. 15
Tasha Bespoke. 1
theslothscavern 1
The Stitchy Room. 1

Total. 196


Morning all. Rained for most of yesterday, still going at silly o’clock this morning.

A new month and new creations from me atm. Thinking Christmas……. Warning there are quite a few of these, 8 Xmas and 4 travel. You have been warned, boredom may set in, :rofl:



Good morning all, thank you to Nikki @GlintBeads for looking after us in August and thank you to Caroline @Caroleecrafts for taking on September. Let’s hope it’s a busy month for everyone.

An early post today so I’ll be back later to love everyone’s items.

Keeping up with the theme Caroline, here’s another Christmas listing from me!


Good morning - I am back :slight_smile:
Happy September … downhill all the way to Christmas now!! Someone yesterday suggested that we have reached the end of summer - I’m still waiting for it to start!!
Still playing catchup with all the jobs I ignored while I was busy at Art Trail - gallery accounts to do today - argh.
Slowly getting a few things listed - here’s the first



Good morning all, happy September! thanks for last month Nikki @GlintBeads and thanks for stepping in this month Caroline @Caroleecrafts. Hello and welcome to everyone joining the thread this month, wishing you all lots of lovely sales.

I’m thrilled to have been chosen as the Folksy Featured Maker for September and have a discount code for the whole of September for 10% off code ‘HappyMaker’ :slight_smile: wiching you all a lovely day xx



Well done on the feature Max well deserved and lovely to see an old Folksian get there.


We are due an Indian summer starting tomorrow, will wait and see about that!


Pretty cards Hilary


Congratulations Max @MaxPringJewellery, fantastic news. Let’s hope it brings you many sales


Thank you Caroline.
Fingers crossed for a return of summer, I’m fed up with mizzle!


I painted this scene and thought how lovely our landscape is.


Good news Max, congratulations @MaxPringJewellry


Fingers crossed for this Indian Summer then :crossed_fingers:

And a good month of sales of course :blush:

Have a good day


Good Morning All….Happy September :smiley: Great news Max @MaxPringJewellery and rightly so. Your work is fantastic.

I have a landscape today.


Good morning all…here’s hoping for a month of good sales for everyone.
Thank you Nikki @GlintBeads for running the August thread and thank you Caroline @Caroleecrafts for taking over for September.
I still have a few angel paintings to list so here is the first one


Something Christmassy from me too today. Congratulations @MaxPringJewellery and thanks @Caroleecrafts in advance for September.


Good morning everyone! All :heart: up to here.
Thank you Nikki @GlintBeads for looking after us last month, and Caroline @Caroleecrafts for this month’s housekeeping!
Still waiting for any sort of summer to come as well, I heard a lot about heatwaves coming the last few months, but only felt one when I was abroad! I am a summer person, I don’t like cold, and this weather makes me feel like I should practice hibernation! :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
Anyway, my listing for today, a Thank You card.


Here goes! My first submission. I am into creating collage presently. This is “Misty morning”




Happy September everyone.

Thanks for taking the reins for September Caroline @Caroleecrafts - wishing everyone a busy month :crossed_fingers:

Busy day packing our eldest up ready to head to Plymouth this weekend - he has a placement down there this year as part of his course.