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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2018

(Maxine Veronica) #1

Hello and welcome the Folksy 365 Daily Listing challenge and to all those taking part :). Joining in is super easy just:-

  • Add your link, either just the URL copied and pasted or use the upload button to add a clickable picture.
  • Click on all of the links to view each other’s items, to ensure we all have good viewing figures
  • Promote in whatever way you can/are able to and use the #Folksy365 tag to help other members find you
  • Promotion of everyone else is not compulsory, but we do appreciate it, pin, blog, share, tweet, like, whatever you can do to get the word out about Folksy is great
  • Let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate and happy dance with you.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the month’s sales. Please let me know if I miss any. Sorry! Only Folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

Shared promotion opportunities:-
Facebook Group

Help to get seen on social media add #Folksy365, #newonfolksy #folksyshop #folksy

Total sales December a fabulous 590

Pods and Plunder 12
Adien 7
Max Pring Jewellery 12
Paper, Chains & Beads 7
Blue Beezy 2
Karens Crafty Bitz 1
Girl of the 60’s 19
Deborah Jones 11
Pip Designs 2
Ali Dufty 3
Beadstorm 9
Bellas Sewing Room 1
Dottery Pottery 60
Jennies Gems 9
Gemology 3
Sue Trevor 23
Petra Bradley Prints 4
Cariad Crafts 4
Steph Short Stationery 19
Steph Short Supplies 5
Gweddus 14
Beedseedz 2
The Card Jeanie 3
NOfkants Curios 3
Kernow Claire 2
Orchard Felts 1
Lincolnshire Marbled Art 1
Aquila Crafts 1
Fluffs Stuff 3
Pip Designs 3
Elly Rowbotham Printmaker 2
Kent Crafts Home of Handmade Crafts 1

Total 250

(Maxine Veronica) #2

Good morning and Happy New Year to you all, may this new year bring you all health, happiness, joy, peace and lots of sales!

Excited to be adding a new metal to my shop, following a recent commission I enjoyed working with brass, though it much harder than copper or silver but I like the extra colour so have designed a few new makes to be added over the coming few weeks.

( Carol ) #3

Good morning. Happy New Year to you all.

After pretty much having a year away, I’m back! I’ve just renewed my plus account so I’m here at least for a year :blush:.

Here is my first item I’d like to share with you, made to order in your choice of colours

And I will be pinning all your items here

(Natalie Ofkants) #4

Good morning and Happy new year!!!

An unusual Jasper Gemstone keyring or handbag charm, Dragons Blood Jasper.

Natalie x

(BellasSewingRoom) #5

Good morning and happy new year. I am determined this year to put a lot more effort into my Folksy shop. I am listing items daily and this is one of my latest makes, a dog print tote bag

(Adien Crafts) #6

Morning All and wishing you All a very Happy New Year xx

morganite 2

(Sasha Garrett) #7

Happy new calendars everyone! (this month’s page (photo of deserted dodgems in a ghost town near chernobyl) is looking clean and unsullied for now - lets not mention the mess that is next month) Fordite cabbing is coming along with some interesting patterns and colours appearing out of the dust but nothing is set yet so its a relist with this month’s birthstone

(Stringobeads) #8

Happy new year to you all . I have relisted this bracelet today .Waiting for the postman to come with gemstones so I can make new items to list

(jessicagoulty) #9

Happy New Year! I’m sneaking in with a cheeky relist wahaha! I hope 2018 proves to be a joyful and exciting year ( certainly for me - eek!)

(Valerie Farrell) #10

Happy new year everyone. Its a lovely sunny morning here in Scotland
Relists again today. I’m hoping my new fabric will arrive soon so I can get busy with some cushions
Cats and dogs today Just £2.50 each

Valerie x

(Mel) #11

Happy new year to you all, hope it’s a healthy and successful one.

Starting the year with some new fabric, penguins

(Su Mwamba) #12

Happy New Year! If you’ve made a resolution to be more organised in 2018, how about this handy diary-planner (upcycled with a unique postage stamp collage):

(Brenda Cumming) #13

good morning and a Happy New Year to you all…here’s to lots of January sales…
I am starting off the year with one of my baby cardigans…


(PollysWares138) #14

Good Morning all and a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2018 to all. I’m hoping this will be a better year for me and that both my health and my shop will flourish during the year.

Today’s listing is a relist from me and is a lovely double stoned ladies ring.

( Valerie Dockerty) #15

Happy New Year Everyone a new listing today

(Ali Dufty) #16

Well , that’s a good start , just posted in the wrong thread :joy::joy:
so, excuse me for re-posting here !!!

Happy New Year everyone !.:slight_smile:
One of my Alpaca/ Wool blend ear-warmers . In ‘Lakeland Mist’ ( a blue-grey ) today …

(Ali Dufty) #17

Would’ve liked to report my first sale of 2018 sale on here !!! ( but has happened on my E shop instead ;/ )!!! but a rather nice start to the new year all the same !
Wishing everyone likewise :). More later…

(Sue) #18

Happy New Year everyone
Today’s listing

(Roz) #19

Happy new year to you all - lovely to see some new shops on the thread (and all the regulars as well of course).

Off to a reasonably good start to the year - after a long lie in I have managed to take the dog for a decent walk, been for a run, done my washing and added a new listing to my shop. Off to try and find some inspiration for something new now.

My new listing

(carolinefrodsham) #20

Happy 2018 everyone :grinning: Let’s hope it’s a good one for us all.
I had a sale last night, just before midnight :tada::tada::tada: Max @paperchainsandbeads (include in 2017 or 2018?)
Enjoy your day everyone