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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - June 2018

(Brenda Cumming) #401

Hi Gabi…sorry you are struggling…I looked in your shop and you only have 26 items…not sure how long you have been on folksy but it takes time and effort to get the sales. I list every day…and I show the item on as many of the threads as I can, plus facebook (lots of pages on facebook). It takes hard work…I don’t recognise your name or recall seeing you on this thread before, so either you are new or not showing yourself enough…There are lots of jewellery shops, so you have to get noticed…
If I wanted some jewellery (sorry I don’t right now) but I would be inclined to come onto the daily listing thread and choose from one of the friends that I know on here…
Join in on more of the forums on here, there are games and many choices of thread where you can show what you are selling. It is hard work but it is what you need to do to get the sales.
Max is right (and she is a BIG inspiration) Max works full time but still promotes in lots of places, and runs this thread, she is on E and other places, and runs the folksy thread on facebook. She is an example to us all

(Helen Clifford) #402

No, Gabi, you don’t have to have an account to buy from Folksy - most of my buyers do not.

(Sue Mellem) #403

Here quite early for me today!

Love the new banner Helen @PocketfulCreations

I managed to spend a bit more time in the garden today, although it kept threatening to rain but never quite did

Some new earrings today

(Ali Dufty) #404

Some tags from me today …

(Rachael H.) #405

Thanks Roz, I finally understand why my mum always insisted I call her whenever I was travelling!

(Rachael H.) #406

Your banner looks great Helen x

(Rachael H.) #407

Well, daughter did finally get into contact, oblivious to the fact I’d been worrying all night! They’ve been on a boat trip down the Rhine today, sounds lovely.

Beautiful tags @AliDufty. Your toiletry bag is adorable Helen @PocketfulCreations.
Stunning earrings @DeborahJonesJewellery.

Last wrap bracelet for now (I think, I’ve lost track!)

(JewelleryByGabi) #408

My mistake then, apologies, I thought you had to have an account to buy.

(Deborah Jones) #409

Hi Gabi, as your items sell well in person , I would suggest that your photo’s might be letting your pieces down. Great clear photos and descriptions are all the customer has to go on online.

Folksy is small, but Et.y is huge, so if you are having no luck on either it may be worth trying some different ways of presenting your items.
Promotion is also key as others have said.

(JewelleryByGabi) #410

Thanks for your reply, but as I said, frankly if it takes me longer to list and promote one off items I have made than making them what is the point? I originally listed my one off collectors pieces on etsy on recommendation of a friend, but that was a waste of time. People seemingly wanted far more commercial pieces, cheap, made with bog standard commonly available beads rather than the one offs I sourced. To me that defeats the object of places like Folksy … I can buy in jewellery made abroad cheaper than I can making it myself and sell it at a higher profit margin, so why would I want to spend hours promoting my own painstakingly handmade one-offs on sites like this?

(Sarah Bell) #411

Evening all,

Glad your daughter got in touch @AppleQueenJewellery x

Popped by and liked some if your items @JewelleryByGabi lots of great advice in the thread already x

Hey @OrchardFelts the colours in your scarf are gorgeous!

@MaxPringJewellery like @teabreaks says you are an inspiration :slight_smile:

Your banner is lovely @PocketfulCreations I always spend ages faffing about in photoshop changing mine, I think it’s worth it though :slight_smile:

New listing from me:

Liked and pinned to here x

(JewelleryByGabi) #412

Interesting, what’s wrong with my photos? Genuinely interested🙂

(Sasha Garrett) #413

If you are having trouble balancing price of item/ time spent promoting/ achieving sales then have a look at the folksy blog, there is a whole section dedicated to selling craft including to price your items, write listings and promote effectively.

(carolinefrodsham) #414

Evening all . These are a relist as have been faffing about with daughter’s birthday present /cards . Posted now though . I hate it that shes not here for her birthday but you do get used to it. We are off to see the degree show on Friday , So I will be stressing about that now and not sure if I will be able to post anything for a few days .
Thanks for suggestion about mannequin head Sarah @thedotterypotter I had been looking for one, vaguely, for ages , but I had a good look on that well known auction site and found something with a pierced ear lobe! Who would’ve thought :smile: I remember trying to take photos of my daughter adorned with something or other and it was really hard/impossible to make anything look good . Thanks for reminding me :roll_eyes:
Your banner looks great Helen @PocketfulCreations Think its worth the time and effort . Must sort mine out!
Love your new scarves Roz @OrchardFelts Hope you’re newly inspired with these lovely works.
Hope your free form stone ring went without a hitch Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery
Enjoy the evening.

(Thedotterypotter) #415

Good Evening everyone :slight_smile:

Your new banner looks fantastic @PocketfulCreations, you’ve inspired me to take another look at mine!

Love your earrings today Sue @BeadstormJewellery - gorgeous colour combination.

Beautiful tags Ali @AliDufty x

2 sales to report please Max @MaxPringJewellery x

My listing today is another heart wreath:

(Thatenamelguy) #416

Busy day but here I am at last. A relist

(Sasha Garrett) #417

only 1 more week of invigilation (and doing repairs/ alterations for the staff, I think they must save it up) and then I can get back to making woohoo (not that some more bowlerite turned up today or anything)
(lurk… lurk)

(Deborah Jones) #418

Hi Gabi
I’m no photography expert, but have found that often when something isn’t selling new photos and titles can make the difference.
The images of jewellery that you have put a border around look quite busy, I find it is hard to make out the jewellery, it isn’t instantly obvious what I am seeing, especially in the smaller images that show in search and shop. Considering lots of people browse on phones and tablets this could be an issue.
Some of the pics seem a bit grainy and blurry on my monitor, in some of the other pics, like on the pebbles the light is a bit harsh, and there is a sheen, obscuring the detail.

There are some really successful shops on both Folksy and Etsy so it is possible, it is just a process or trial and error to discover the magic formula that works, keep tweaking, listing and promoting and sales should come.

(Claire Mead) #419

here are 2 items from me x

(Max Pring) #420

Good morning yay happy dancing for your sales Sarah :dancer:

Sending hugs :hugs: to you Caroline @carolinefrodsham I’m sure Friday will be amazing after all the hard work put in :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing our new pieces Sasha @SashaGarrett, I find people tend to save up the repairs too lol!

Gabi @JewelleryByGabi, ah tiz the nature of the beast I’m afraid with on-line selling, it’s much harder to sell when you are not able to interact with people and jewellery is especialliy difficult as in my experience people like to hold it, try it on and feel the quality, something you just cannot do on screen, so you do have to work much harder and there is an awful lot of competition out there. Yes I probably do spend as much time promoting as I do making but accept that that’s what I need to do as an on-line seller, I don’t have the time for fairs and there are only a few opportunities for stocking local shops so for now it’s a case of balancing doing what I love with doing what is necessary to keep doing what I love :slight_smile: