Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - May 2021

Nora @NaakiCreations what a stunning bag…
Kevin…remember this is a challenge thread…list an item every day for a month
Someone will help you with a photo link.
I hope you join in the thread …the rules are at the start of the page.
You agree to list an item each day for a whole month and you also go to everyone’s item ( on this page) and click to like that item.
This is a challenge thread…if that is difficult for you, then you might be better to show your beautiful work on the “What have you listed today” thread, where there are no rules.


thanks brenda i have explained to nora about this and i will be back on folksy soon as covid is relaxing


with such stunning bags Kevin. I doubt if she would be able to list an item every day for a month, so she would be better off on the other threads…hope that helps.


yes thanks she has made a few items but will get more and now ive shown here what thread to use she will be more able to use folksy thanks once again brenda enjoy your day


you too Kevin…keep safe and we will see you back on here soon x


Hi Kevin @NaakiCreations - here’s a link to help you make a large clickable picture on a thread.


Glad you’re on the mend Steph, and I agree with the Dr no more ladders for you :smiley:
My friend is doing well, the hopsital are very pleased with her but just to be on the safe side she is being booked for a course of chemotherapy.


Oh that’s gorgeous Helen


Morning everyone :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info about a business mentor @feelfeltfound - I’ve had a little look around and signed up, so I’ll see what they’ve got to offer.
I had a business mentor in 2015 sponsored by HSBC (I think it was) but it was a big waste of time. Not geared towards arts based businesses at all. The guy was near retirement too and didn’t really have a clue about utilising social media in any sense!
Marion @WestcountryCreations - thanks, the business is doing OK but I just haven’t structured it correctly I don’t think. I would like someone to take a look at my current work/ past work and potential future work - give me some guidance on which areas to focus on and help me out with pricing! I keep saying that I am going to make larger, more expensive pieces but I’m forever gravitating to the little things (which are popular) This was the year I was going to devote a few months to experimenting but now I’m having to look after my Mum daily, studio time is limited, so I keep going back to what I know. I need a big kick up the bum if I am ever going to progress! I think I’m having a mid-life business crisis!

My listing today is this lino printed heart:

7 sales to report today please Max @MaxPringJewellery x


Morning all :slight_smile: - here’s mine for today, many thanks. All loved up to here x



Hi there everyone I’m back again with CfTT.

I love your bag Linda @wildrosedesigns I do envy people who can sew, my Mum always used to say I sew as if I am using a red hot needle and burning thread. Not very well I think that means

Today I have pink scarf for a child

Child's Super Chunky Pink Wide Rib Scarf with P... - Folksy


Yep, May rain, May not, May be sunny, May not, May have snow, May have hail,
the old saying is "Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’ :rofl: :joy:


My Mamgu used to say that, and I’ve lived by it my whole life! This past week has been a reminder why :rofl:
(I’ve been going to bed the past couple of nights with a hot water bottle)


Great news on your friend Lynn @erkinwald


I know what you mean Sarah, I used to be mainly sculptural when I started out after college in the late 80s and since I came back to it 3 years ago I have got a bit stuck in commercial necessity . On the other channel I am living in candle snuffer land which has kept me afloat during lockdown but I am refreshed that since joining here I have sold a variety of things.
Pricing is always hard and especially when competing with mass production and hobbyist who aren’t concerned about making money. (please don’t take offence anyone, not a dig) . You have to have faith that you are worthy.


Here’s today, will pop back after a bit of gardening


I SO agree with the pricing thing but there have been dozens of discussions on it and there never seems to be a right or wrong answer, which makes it very difficult.
Marion @WestcountryCreations I know that my prices are way too low, but over the years I have priced my paintings higher and had no sales, so I decided that when you have bills to pay ( and are on a pension) you have to take what you can get. I would really love to sell for more but “some” money is better than no money…
Trust me, over the years I have tried…and I STILL have over 400 items in my folksy shop and more on the dark side…I just have to keep painting and accepting what I can get xx


Yeah they did have some handmade businesses they worked with but I think it would be more helpful if you were looking to expand and capitalise on the commercial appeal of your current work or looking to introduce e.g. a subscription service. Both of which I could see working but probably wouldn’t suit your circumstances or where you want to go with it. Sounds like you need someone more from the art world. Wishing you success :grinning:


Afternoon everyone

Pauline @OswestryJewels your eyes weren’t deceiving you, there is a lichen covered twig in the embroidery as well as my stitching :rofl:

Today’s theme is khadi paper, which I absolutely adore, it’s made from cotton rags, there isn’t even a whole page of items so my work should get seen!
And today’s listing is for one of them



Roz, after much searching and looking for kitchens someone on here suggested Better kitchens which is Internet based, I sent for a sample and 6 colours, we’re impressed with the quality. I have now ordered and await the delivery in June and they turn up fully assembled if that’s what you want.
It really is worth a look, it turned out so much cheaper than our other option which was B and Q! They even tell you all the lengths of worktops etc that you need.

Thanks to whoever suggested it to me on here, was it you Pauline @OswestryJewels ?