How to create a large clickable photo in your forum posts

Thought I would make a quick updated version of how to create a large clickable photo in your posts as things have changed since I made the last little tutorial. It seems convoluted but it doesn’t really take much effort when you’ve done it a few times. Good Luck :slight_smile:
Disclaimer: I’ve been informed that this method may not work for all types of phones, tablets etc, so there may be a different process for you. I have put an alternative method at the end of this post.

I usually have my listing open in one tab and the forum open in another tab to make it easier to go between the two.

  1. Copy the image you want to create a link to:

  1. Open the reply box in the post you want to reply to and paste your image link - then highlight it

  1. Click on the hyper link icon

  1. Your image link will already be showing in the bottom box, so you then need to go back to your listing and copy the URL and paste it in the top box - then press OK

  1. Your image will then be linked back to your listing - so just press reply when you’re ready.

This is another method of doing it if you are struggling with the one above:

  1. Click the photo icon - import a photo from your own album - click upload
  2. highlight the image link that shows in the reply box (do not copy it, just highlight it)
  3. press the hyperlink icon (4th one along…looks like a chain link)
  4. Put the URL for your item in the top box - press OK

Oooooh thank you - my plan is to be back on the daily listers thread next month so this will be really useful.

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Could you give it a try for me Sasha please @SashaGarrett - I’m worried I may have missed something important out!

OK lets see if this works…

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yay - it does :slight_smile:

Yay I did it! (I’m having an IT challenged day so they must be good instructions)


nice guide, thanks


Just edited the first post with an alternative option (at the bottom of the post) if you are struggling with the first option.

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Ha!!! Success!!! Thank you so much! @dotterypottery

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Yay - well done :slight_smile:

Thank you Sarah for the large photo info, I’ll try it tomorrow.

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thank you :slight_smile:

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