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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - NOVEMBER 2018

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #342

Evening. Congrats to everyone with sales and also on your first sale Karen @TheCornishHare. I have a busy week with workshops and commissions and just not enough hours in the day, but better than being quiet. Have a lovely eve. All caught up to here

(Karen Lonergan) #343

Awwhhhh! Thank you! X

(Karen Lonergan) #344

Thank you so much!

(Catherine Spencer) #345

Hi. I’ve been watching these posts for a while, and thought it high time that I joined in. Please see todays listing Please let me know how I should be doing this as I’m not sure this is right.

Good luck everyone with your sales. I’ll promote as much as i can.

(Rosesworkshop) #346

Please add one sale for me to the tally @MaxPringJewellery first one of the month.
Another diary/notebook today (loving those variations!)

(Deborah Jones) #347

Congrats on your first sales Karen @TheCornishHare

Welcome Catherine @cathscards

Sue @suetrevor my local post mistress commented that I wasn’t in everyday anymore, sales ain’t what they used to be x Hopefully the fairs will make up for it.

Can I add one to the tally please Max @MaxPringJewellery

(Kim Onyskiw) #348

Hello, @cathscards, love squirrels!

I’ve got a tall giraffe canvas for today

(Catherine Spencer) #349

Love it :grinning:

(Catherine Spencer) #350

Aw, thank you Deborah. Good luck with the fairs and congrats on your sale.

(Sarah Bell) #351

Evening! Late as usual.

Congrats on your sales all, especially @TheChrisArtist and @TheCornishHare

A relist from me.

Liked and pinned to here xx

(Claire Mead) #352

Hi, yes that all looks fine. We go through and love all the items before us and pin and tweet. If you scroll to the very top of the page there is a list of instructions to help you. Beautiful card xx

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #353

Hi everyone,
Just scrolling through and seeing so many great items. Congrats to everyone who made some sales, @TheChrisArtist and @TheCornishHare. :smile:
@carolinefrodsham really love the mismatched turquoise and red geometric earrings, love your shop. Your jewellery is beautiful and very unique.
@MartinShackletonCeramics Love the blue mug, also loved a lot of other blue mugs in your shop, I love everything blue and I love mugs so perfect combo for me! :smile:
Just another relist from me tonight; Hope everyone has a good week!

(Lynn Britton) #354

Morning all. Oh! there are so many gorgeous things on this thread my wish list is getting longer and longer.
Busy day today sorting out kitchen ready to fit new doors and some new wall cupboards.
Just a relist from me

(Max Pring) #355

Good morning yay happy dancing for sales Simone, Deborah and Sarah :dancing_women: :slight_smile:

welcome Catherine @cathscards :wave:

slightly better night last noght woke up just twice, though still feel tired this morning, thinking I may have a look today and book a nice long weekend off, it’s been pretty intense in work lately we have major change programme on and I’m right in the thick of it as well as the usual day to day stuff, I’ve also just been asked to cover our annual planning this year for workforce as the Assistant Director who normally does this is leaving in a few weeks, it’s a great opportunity for me but my workload is going to be huge for the next few months :worried: so if I do seem less than my usual self you’ll know why :slight_smile:

anyhoo enough of my work woes, here’s my listings for today

(Sharon Halmshaw) #356

Good morning all :slight_smile: welcome to all the newbies and well done on all the sales :slight_smile: Another new hat from me this morning :slight_smile: have a lovely day everyone and here’s hoping for lots of sales today :slight_smile: xxx

(junemccabe) #357

Good morning Folksy folk, just a quick re list today, lots to do! Hope everyone is well!xx

(junemccabe) #358

(Roz) #359

Good morning. Long drive up to Peterborough yesterday - the first half was OK but the roads were really busy for the second half and then my satnav offered to save me time taking my on another route - wish I hadn’t as it was through all the villages with small twisty roads and it was pitch black! Still I got here eventually had a lovely dinner and wine with my friend and fell into bed about midnight (well past my bed time!) Off to Sheffield this morning and then the long drive home tonight. Think I might have a lie in tomorrow.

Managed to get through most of the posts last night, and there were a lot! Lovely items as usual.

Glad its not just me Sue @SueTrevor and Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery - almost forgotten where my post office is!

Max @MaxPringJewellery, not surprised you have been asked to take over the annual planning, I’m sure you’ll manage to find a couple more hours in the day for it somewhere. If anyone can, you can.

My listing for today, more birds I’m afraid

(junemccabe) #360

All caught up to here! Have a good day everyone, congratulations Karen @TheCornishHare

( Carol ) #361

Good morning. It’s blooming 'orrible out there in Kent today. Dark, raining and windy. I can see from my window that the motorway is gridlocked, as it always seems to be when wet. So that’s going to mean a school run sat it traffic as it blocks up the town with people trying to avoid the motorway and more parents drive their kids to school when it’s wet. What’s happened to the old days? I used to have to walk 2 miles to school in wind, rain and snow - and I’m talking primary school!