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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - NOVEMBER 2018

(Max Pring) #1

CHello and welcome the Folksy 365 Daily Listing challenge and to all those taking part :). Joining in is super easy just:-

  • List your item and add your link, either just the URL copied and pasted or use the upload button to add a clickable picture.
  • Click on all of the links to view each other’s items, to ensure we all have good viewing figures Promote in whatever way you can/are able to and use the #Folksy365 tag to help other members find you. Promotion of everyone else is not compulsory, but we do appreciate it, pin, blog, share, tweet, like, whatever you can do to get the word out about Folksy is great
  • Let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate and happy dance with you.
  • You must be prepared to join in regularly throughout the month - missing the odd day is fine and of course joining in for part month is fine also, we understand not everyone can be here very single day, but please do not ‘post and run’.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the month’s sales. Please let me know if I miss any. Sorry! Only Folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

Shared promotion opportunities:-
Facebook Group
Help to get seen on social media add #newonfolksy #folksyshop #folksy #folksysellers

Total sales October 289

Sue Trevor 68
Martin Shackleton 9
Jennies Gems 28
Willow Gifts 8
Deborah Jones Jewellery 16
Max Pring Jewellery 23
Max Pring Art & Crafts 2
Pip Designs 1
Cariad Crafts 18
The Feminine Touch 2
Dottery Pottery 165
Pocketful Creations 15
That Enamel Guy 7
Orchard Felts 9
Beadstorm 8
Heidi Meier Textiles 2
Apple Queen Jewellery 3
Ali Dufty 29
Elly Rowbotham Small Printmaker 8
Erkinwald 16
Lucky Bug Handmade 2
The Chris Artist 3
Wild Rose Designs 1
The Cornish Hare 7
Roses Workshop 8
Caroline Frodsham Jewellery 19
Girl of the 60’s 15
Claire Mort Artist 3
Gweddus 14
Brockstones 3
Sarah Designs 7
X-Sticher Joss 1
Artsy Flower Cards 3
Life Covers 1
N Ofkants Curios 5
The Card Jeanie 2
Tilly’s Legacy 5
Home Grown Hats 2
Ohh What a Yarn 2
Cathys Card Crafts 1
Konyskiw 2

Total 547

(Max Pring) #2

Good morning and Happy New Month to you all, wishing everyone taking part lots of lovely sales and a good month as we head towards the festive season just 55 days to the big day eek!

Happy dancing for your sale last night Valerie D :slight_smile: :dancer:

Hope all goes well for you today June @junemccabe and Happy Birthday for yesterday

(Lynn Britton) #3

Good morning all. Pour with rain here today.
Hope you’re feeling a bit better today Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery. Wow Valerie @jenniesgems congratulation on all those sales. Gosh Sarah @thedotterypotter you are busy so nice that hubby is helping you.
Congrats to everyone that has had sales.
Happy birthday June @willowgifts, hope everything goes well for you at the hopsital.
Out this morning with Mr E to find him a new armchair, and also to order some new kitchen cupboard doors.
A new cloche hat from me

(Natalie Ofkants) #4

Good morning everyone! Thank you Max for continuing with hold the reins! XxxX

My list today is a child’s hat, but fits me too, so could be for a small adult.
Wee Willy Winky style crocheted hat in complimentary marbled yarns in a striped effect completed with tassels.

Natalie x

(Roz) #5

Good morning.
Been raining here but dry at the moment.
Getting my hair done this morning and then doing battle with one of the other exhibitors at the gallery this afternoon. We have units on adjacent walls and she doesnt want me to use the space that buts up to her unit even though I pay for it! I have managed to find a way of using it that doesnt impact on her at all but not sure she’s going to go for it! Oh, for an easy life.

My listing today is for this nativity set - it has been in my shop a while but I have held off promoting it as I didnt want to do it too early (but maybe now I have left it too late?!) In desperate need of the sales fairy here, can whoever is holding her hostage please let her go!

(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #6

My 1st listing for 1 November
Let’s hope I get some sales this month!

(HeidiMeier) #7

Good morning everyone - hope we all have a great November. @OrchardFelts I hope you manage to come to an amicable agreement with your adjacent exhibitor - it does give aggravation doesn’t it at a time when you could really do without it!

I have two listings for half price prints - A4 giclee prints reduced from 20 to £10.

(Brenda Cumming) #8

Good morning all…today I have one of my crochet baby cardigans.

(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #9

Morning all! Optimitic November start with this re:list

Good luck with your gallery neighbour Roz @OrchardFelts
Thanks for keeping the tally going Max @MaxPringJewellery

More printing today…my fave sorta day! :grin:

(Sue) #10

Morning all, I’ve had to renew my plus account this morning before I could list, it was made sweeter by waking up to a sale. One to add to this month’s tally please Max @MaxPringJewellery and thank you for keeping this thread going :blush:
Today’s listing is a badge

(carolinefrodsham) #11

Morning all .Wishing you all many sales in November .Listing these tiny red leaf earrings before I dash off to my mum’s . At least it’s sunny . It’s a long drive ,which I don’t like . Hope you all have a good day and good luck with your exhibiting neighbour Roz @OrchardFelts Don’t stand for any nonsense!

(Jacqui and Kerry) #12

Morning all, Happy 1st of the month.
A Christmas card relist for me today…have a good day everyone.x

(Claire Mort) #13

Good morning all x happy first of the month x November already blimey!
had a lovely email today with feedback from my first international sale… get me… and it was on here x

Hey Claire,
just want to tell you, the wonderful embroidery has arrived in Germany and decorates my office in the museum of communication at the moment. And know what: I have been to Weymouth some weeks ago - visited an artist on Portland - an just saw, you live there! Greetings and many thanks, Margret

How lovely is that… so chuffed x hope you are all well this morning x @OrchardFelts meh to the grumpy person… i say kill them with kindness… well not actually kill them but you know what I mean lol
Yay to the sale @SueTrevor and you are on the front page x
Thank you so very much @MaxPringJewellery for keeping this thread going you are a legend x
Have a wonderful day everyone… sun shining here in Dorset x
Here is my listing x

(Claire Mort) #14

So sorry @ArtsyFlowercards i think I flagged your post… I was clicking to see what the buttons at the bottom do… sorry if I did… still haven’t worked out how to do the things… Doh! x

(Jacqui and Kerry) #15

LOl Claire I’m still trying to get to grips with how things work… So your not on your own :rofl: x

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #16

Morning! Wow cant believe we are in November already. I have rather alot of catching up to do from yesterday :grinning: Heres my listing for today

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #17

All caught up to here on November thread. Just need to catch up on yesterdays listings.

(Martin Shackleton) #18

Morning all, I hope it’s ok to join in again this month, I lost interest and became busy last month, but im determined to see this month through
Today’s listing is a plant pot holder

On a high note, I’m very busy producing new work in my studio again.

(Thatenamelguy) #19

November - time to relist the Christmas Robins

(sandranesbitt) #20

todays new listing