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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - NOVEMBER 2018

(Karen Lonergan) #483

Hi Maxine @MaxPringJewellery - Yayyyyyyy, another sale for me today to add to the tally - so now three for the month!

(Deborah Jones) #484

Evening all, just dashing in with a listing, then must get ready for skittles.
Will catch up more after.
Enjoy your family and celebrations Gill @rainbowsnmore

(EsiDesigns) #485

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well! Been busy wallpapering our dining room today, and then framing some of my original paintings. So very productive day. And now I finally have the time to post my latest listing. Hope you like xx

(Karen Lonergan) #486

Thank you so much Linda! Just sold a set, so doing a happy dance right now!! Love that clutch bag, such a gorgeous colour!!

(Chris Stone) #487

Love the watercolour @EsiDesigns.
Congratulations on your latest sale Karen @TheCornishHare

(Max Pring) #488

Good evening yay happy dancing for a lovely little clutch of sales for Claire, Simone, Valerie F, Roz, Francis, Brenda, Karen and there was one for me too :slight_smile: :man_dancing: :dancer:

Just had a couple of hours with granddaughter painting on the i-pad and watching Frozen, time for dinner now am really hungry now :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking Caroline @carolinefrodsham, I’m coping so far, thugh I’m trying to get my outline project plan in for the diploma course this week as well as everything else lol! but it’s all good and on plan :wink:

(Cariad Crafts) #489


Miserable wet day today, but at least I got lots of listing done, Christmas is starting lol

So here is a pack of gift tags to start

Carol xx

(Thedotterypotter) #490

3 sales to add to the tally please max @MaxPringJewellery x

(Sue Mellem) #491

Congratulations on the sales to those who have had. I’ve found it to be a quieter year all round - other than Etsy. Fairs have certainly been quieter, as has Folksy for me.

A quick whizz through as I’m determined to do some work on my accounts - so behind with the 2017-2018!
I also started to watch Killing Eve last night - just the first episode, but keen to watch another one later.

Max @MaxPringJewellery don’t know how you do it all! Make sure you give yourself a day off - was going to suggest 25th December, but I’m sure you have things planned for that day!

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #492

Evening everyone! All caught up to here.
Been a busy but enjoyable day of running jewellery making workshops today. Enjoy your evenings.

(Kim Onyskiw) #493

@thedotterypotter Did you mention they’re in Australia now? I’d probably double check (or say something like "I love being a nanny now!), because if they’re in a different area and surrounded by people that usually use a different name, they might start to naturally use that unless they know there’s a preference.

But I suppose as long as you sign off cards and gifts with nanny they’ll probably get the hint!

(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #494

I can’t remember how recently I listed this here… but I’m re:listing it because it’s now for sale Framed or Unframed using the ‘variations’ options :slightly_smiling_face: - lucky to have such a good & experienced framer!!! His Mitre-ing is impeccable…

I made a sale today Max @MaxPringJewellery…that’s a card Cynthia @Brockstones :wink: - I love reading your stats…

Sending a sprinkling of sparkly vibes in the hope of easing a bit of sadness Sarah @SarahDesignsUK :hugs:
Hope your variations work well Sarah @thedotterypotter
Love lavender Sally @lifecovers
Yummm lemon drizzle Cake and tunes!!! Rachel @AppleQueenJewellery :notes:

Loved & pinned to here…

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #495

Hi everyone,
Always a bit of a night owl when it comes to listing and scrolling through messages, etc.
Hope you had a better day today @SarahDesignsUK make sure to do something that makes you happy. I have read a lot of messages to you, people are so kind and supportive on this site. I love it! :smile:
@DeborahJonesJewellery love the silver birds @LifeCovers loved some of the Harris Tweed items in your shop @Brockstones enjoyed looking through your jewellery items @LuckyBugHandmade I thought the 2 Garden Bird Christmas Cards were lovely, feel very Christmasy (even though I am no where near ready for Christmas!)
@teabreaks I love your painting Brenda, lovely use of warming colours @ClaireMortArtist Loved your Pop Art Embroidery, and other pop art pieces.
I had better list mine before I forget… A relist of another of my Abstract Wall Hangings

Have a happy Friday all, will pop in again at the weekend :wink:

(Sarah Bell) #496

Thank you all so much. Your messages have mas so much difference. Thank you each one of you xx I think every thing is just getting on top of me at the minute. Noah is on a residential, I’ve just this minute finished writing Jacob’s mandatory reconsideration for DLA. I’ve not really started Christmas yet. The gp did readily give us a script for melatonin this evening though, and I was glad not to have to fight!

I have a new listing, finally.

Everyone is liked and pinned to here xxx

(Kim Onyskiw) #497

@ArtilyEverCrafter At least I’m not the only one! Although I seem to be on super nocturnal listing at the moment, hopefully I’ll get back to slightly more sensible evening listing soon.

Today I’ve got this little cat to keep me company in the night.

(junemccabe) #498

Good morning Folksy folk! What am I doing awake this time of the morning, night, day? Whatever. Woke up an hour ago to go to the loo, got back into bed and cleverly knocked a pint of water all over my bedside cabinet! By the time I’d finished cursing and mopping up, TING! I’m wide awake! Might as well list now! I see I’m not the only one Kim! @konyskiw Lolxxx
This is to go with the vase that sold yesterday, 2 sales please Max @MaxPringJewellery

(junemccabe) #499

Really love these Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery xxx

(junemccabe) #500

Don’t worry Sarah @thedotterypotter I was a grandma at 36, I’m now a great grandma to 8 ! I’ve always been nanny June until they get to about 11 and then just nan, although I don’t think it really matters too much as long as they love you. Enjoy your new grandchild! Xxx

(junemccabe) #501

All caught up to here! Going back to sleep now! xxx

( Carol ) #502

Good morning. Nice and early this morning but only because I’ve been awake all night! I forgot my last dose of steroids yesterday so ended up taking it late which has kept me awake so now I’m going to be like a zombie all day :joy: