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Folksy dates questions

(Sally Eira) #1

Are the ‘designed by’ and ‘listed on dates’ different sometimes?

For example if you re-list the item, does the ‘designed by…’ date stay the same as when you first initially listed it etc. ?

also is there way of knowing when a shop first opened? i know i have asked this before but i can’t remember the answer…!


(Roz) #2

Yes I think the dates are different. The designed on date stays the same (unless you change it in the listing) while the listed on is the date on which it was most recently listed/relisted.

I have no idea about the shop opening dates - think it would be nice to know even if it was only for your own shop!

( Carol ) #4

People who favourited your shop used to be able to see your shop start date but I’ve just looked at shops I’ve favourited and it now doesn’t show. I put my shop opening date in my profile (the old meet the maker) just for my own benefit.