Folksy Ltd

Listing date wrong

Hello @ folksystaff & all,

Yesterday (3rd October) I photographed, listed and tweeted a print ( but the listing says ‘Listed on 29 September 2019’ and the same on the dashboard view of the listings. I’ve checked the date of my photos and tweet, just in case. What time-travelling weirdness is this ?


I added a listing yesterday and it’s dated 3 october … thought I’d check !

Hello Joy, thanks for checking. I’ve just realised that the listing I thought I had copied this one from has disappeared so I am guessing I edited it rather copied it. And that would explain the 2 favs that don’t show in recent activity. I am a numpty😆.

Fear not, yesterday I accidentally (I blame my phone 100% but it was in my hand) forwarded a chain message on Facebook to quite a few friends… fortunately not all of them but I was mortified. Far more of a numpty than you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: