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Folksy Email now "Spam"

I chanced upon the front page a little while ago and saw one of my pieces Being Sold Now. No sale came through making me wonder if someone was having problems or if they’d changed their mind as Analytics told me only person in my Folksy shop was Me !

Looked at my emails just now and found I had indeed got a sale and my email system didn’t like the looks of it :slight_smile:

***** SPAM *** [folksy] Congratulations! You made a sale** on Folksy!

Thanks EE / Orange Webmail that is Not spam ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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At least your email came through, our EE/Orange email has been playing silly beggars since Friday :confounded:, couldn’t seem to get on it any way I tried, just got on and luckily (?!) no missed sales or important messages.

Do you go via Webmail ? I only do that when desperate. I pull in on the computer via Windows mail.
I used to use orange Webmail on my phone but then discovered I could set it up via a phone app instead and bypass the direct Orange bit, which is great as I often had problems getting through to webmail.
I have the full url written in my diary as otherwise I can’t find it if, as sometimes happens, the url I have stored gets corrupted. !!


PS Just tried my webmail link and it’s talking to me which makes a nice change… even if it is spamming out important genuine emails !

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My email is on btinternet and this week I found my folksy sales advice in the’ bulk email’ i.e. spam section so it may not necessarily be Ee/orange related. @folksycontent - has anything been changed in the emails code which is having the impact of them being classified as spam?

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Just compared my Spam email with one from the 25th which was not spammed. Identical - except of course for the sale specifics. Had a second sale email today (hope it’s the start of my Christmas rush and that was spammed too.

I had this same problem a couple of weeks ago, but with Yahoo Mail. I moved a couple of the messages into my inbox from my spam folder and it seemed to sort itself out :smile:

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The orange log in page is in our bookmarks list so we don’t have to go through all the EE stuff but every now & again it seems to stop working so I have to google orange email then re-bookmark it (I’m certain it’s a plot by EE to get us to ‘upgrade’ :slight_smile: ) but for some reason it was not loading at all on friday (I gave up after 10 mins of waiting so maybe it was just me not been patient enough to wait all day :smile:) All working now, fingers crossed x

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