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Folksy emails

(Juniper Spools) #1

Do Folksy not sent out emails to you any more when an item in your shop sells? I am sure I used to get them.


(Sonia Adam) #2

Yes they do, you should get 3 emails. One to say your work has sold, one from paypal and a third from folksy confirming payment. Are they in your spam?

(Juniper Spools) #3

Thanks Sonia. I get the paypal one but I don’t get any from Folksy about my sales. I get one every so often about a gift guide. I think I will email them and ask the to check it out for me.

(Sonia Adam) #4

Sounds like something has gone wrong somewhere there. I hope it gets sorted out for you soon.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I don’t get notications from Folksy just a paypal confirmation of payment received.

(Joy Salt) #6

I always get 3 and I always check the Folksy ones as they sometimes have a message from the customer which needs action. I know that shows on Folksy against the order but it’s useful on the email.

I sometimes am asked to post to a different address which I am always happy to do
(I know all about lack of Paypal protection if i do that but nobody has ever let me down yet ( :slight_smile:
I also often post things out with instructions to pay by cheque when the parcel arrives and funnily enough I’ve not had a non-payer yet :slight_smile: ))

so I always check the addresses in the Folksy and Paypal emails are the same.

Also I often spot payment problems where i just get the first Folksy email and not the payment ones. If that happens I always try to contact the customer to see if they have a problem (they often have) and help them to sort it out (and usually do)

So I would be lost without my Folksy emails.
I would check what email address Folksy have for you and then check email anti-spam if the address is correct.

(Joy Salt) #8

@JuniperSpools I just sent you a message via the contact button to check if you are getting any Folksy emails ???
Did it arrive ?

Joy xx

(Shirley Woosey) #9

Like Joy I always get all three emails.
Very useful for cross referencing the address with Paypal and for checking for any messages from my customer.

Another point if you are not getting the Folksy emails. You would not know if you had a non-payer because the item would just be sat in your orders waiting for payment and you would not know to cancel and put it back on sale.

It seems to be a bug which happens to some people and I think Folksy Admin can put it right if you tell them.

Shirley x

(Christine Shephard) #10

I usually get all the Folksy e-mails too, but have just ordered something this morning and I’ve only received the paypal one this time. They may just be delayed, but usually the Folksy order e-mail comes through immediately, so there could be a problem @sianfolksy?

(Joy Salt) #11

@JuniperSpools Did you get the message - if not you might not be getting messages from customers wanting to buy lots and lots of things from your shop so you need to sort it out :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smile:

(Cotswoldcottage) #12

Can anyone help me? I keep getting a failed email verification? Please, I need help. Corina Coley

(Shirley Woosey) #13

@cotswoldcottage have you contacted Folksy Admin?
They will normally get back to you quite quickly.
Shirley x

(Christine Shephard) #14

More than 3 hours has elapsed since making my purchase and still no confirmation e-mail from Folksy. Is this what our customers are experiencing too?

Edited: Hurrah…it finally arrived…4 hours later!

(Heidi Meier) #15

Sounds as though it may be a bug. I had this a little while ago but when I contacted Admin, the email details were reset and since then its been fine.

(Christine Shephard) #16

But how many customers would know to contact admin about an e-mail they didn’t get? This was me as a buyer, not a seller.

(Heidi Meier) #17

No @ciesse, sorry, I meant I received just one email notification instead of three, and advised Folksy, who then were able to ‘fix’ it. I don’t know the reasons for why it happened, just that it seemed relatively easy for them to fix.

(Christine Shephard) #18

That’s useful to know Heidi @Textiletreasure. Sorry, I thought your reply was to me, should have realised you were replying to the OP :smile:

I’ve also just discovered that an e-mail sent by the seller this morning didn’t arrive either, so there’s a problem somewhere along the line. Best be aware that customers may be experiencing similar issues.

(Alison Deegan) #19


Is it the paypal email verification that keeps failing? I recently tried to add a new email address to paypal and it repeatedly failed the verification. I wondered if it was because the address I was trying to add was set up to redirect to another email address, could this be the problem for you?


(Amanda Robins) #20

I used to get 3 emails when I’d sold something but for the past 2 months I’ve just had the Paypal notification. I prefer it that way.

(Juniper Spools) #21

Hi sorry for being slow to get back and thank you for all your responses. I am now receiving all emails. Apparently Folksy were showing my email as blocked but they have reset it. They said it has been this way since April. I can’t have missed them that much seeing as it took me 7 months to notice :blush: Cassie