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I have twice posted a box on Folksy facebook page but it disappears immediately, how does one get a post on there or is it a case of being well in with Folksy.


Hi Paul your posts are still there on Folksy’s page as this photo shows. When you post on someone else’s page FB immediately moves and puts them under the heading visitor posts only Folksy’s own posts stay on the timeline. Folksy don’t delete them they will look and share what catches their eye. Hope this info helps

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All posts to Folksy’s FB page go under “Visitor Posts” which is located right hand side at the bottom when I view the page on my laptop. For Folksy to then share it (or be shared by them across any social media or make it to “Featured Maker”) you can read this link which sets out what they are looking for:

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Thanks Gill and Liz, I have just read the"How can I be featured" link, I have had a shop on here for 5 years and never been featured,it says don’t contact support and ask why one hasn’t been featured, well surely thats the only way I can find out why I don’t appeal to them. My stuff is mostly different to others so I don’t really understand it.


You could always ask for feedback from other sellers here, i.e. what could help.

I would look at your branding, i.e. logo and styling of products. Think about a style that would resonate with your customers. Your boxes are beautiful works of art, but could you style a photo to show a potential customer how it would look on a dressing table, with a few choice pieces of jewellery and say maybe a bottle of classic perfume to show scale? Or a small vase with a flower or two in it which could inject a bright colour to balance out the image? Or even a bone china teacup and saucer?

Your social media needs some injection of you as a craftsperson. What makes you tick? Provenance is what sets us handmade people apart from the mass production out there. You’ve put a part of yourself into those beautiful boxes, so tell your audience via social media who you are. People like to see that. (And this is something I’ve recently learnt myself!).

Also, need to point out a technicality - that in your meet the maker bit you have about a 7-day refund window, when it’s actually a 14-day one under Folksy T&Cs.

Hope that helps Paul.


Hi Liz,
Thankyou very much for your valuable information, I will try and get some photo’s done a bit more professionally as you suggest, I got the impression from Folksy blogs and tips when I first came on here that white background is best but I see your point and will try your way. I actually can’t find “meet the maker” in my shop although I remember it being there at some point . I clicked on individual boxes and saw that the 14 days return policy was in place though. i will study all this in depth and see if I can improve it. Thanks once again for your time in assessing my shop and feel free at any time to put me right where you think it needs it, I am very grateful.


‘Meet The Maker’ info is hidden away rather … in your shop dashboad, click Profile Settings under Your Profile in the list down the left hand side. It’'s the information in ‘Your Biography’ that shows in Meet the Maker.

You’re welcome Paul. I’m still learning all the time myself, in fact I’ve just redone my website because I wasn’t happy with it!

Just to say, white backgrounds are good - magazines/press love them. But lifestyle shots show your product to your potential customers and as they say, a picture paints a thousand words! A mixture of both is good.

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Thanks Helen, have found it and amended, I am not sure though how a customer will find it if I can’t.

Do you find that your website helps sales a lot Liz?


No not really. I used to do graphic design years ago so I wanted a site as web presence (to seem more business like too!) and for the email address, so bought the domain and went from there.

What I fail to do is promote my items effectively and fail in my PR. But as I said, it’s a learning curve and I’m still learning, so they’ll be my next projects to focus on. It’s hard work running your own business because you have to do everything, from concept design, creating/making, marketing and PR yourself. I need to be more organised really! :smiley:

Customers only have to find where it’s displayed (by clicking on your name) - they don’t need to find out where you enter/edit the information - so that’s OK!

Yes thanks ,I have just tested it, I really ought to have found this out before now.

I would like a website but I am not very techy and can’t take the initial step to get one up and running.