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Is it just me or any one else feel the same i have been on folksy for more than three years now and was thrilled yesterday to make it to 400 sales only to feel disheartened today when I see a lot of new shops over the weekend making it in to the folksy favourites as I have never achieved this in the past three years.

Congratulations on reaching 400 sales, but don’t be disheartened about not making it to the folksy favourites, I haven’t made it yet to my knowledge and I’ve been here since 2009, I have made it to two Gift Guides recently but it’s not generated any sales yet.

Many thanks Lynn

Congratulations on reaching your 400th sale Jennie, a great achievement. Know what you mean about the Folksy Favourites, I have been here for 2 years and had 1 item in the favourites which must have been 18 months ago but nothing since.

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Many thanks Dawn

it may be a new thing for new shops to get their items included in the folksy faves. I started on folksy just a couple of months ago and was AMAZED to see some of my items get in to the folksy faves in the first few weeks. All dwindled off now though.

congrats on the 400 sales @jenniesgems ! woop!

I’m not sure how the F.Faves are chosen and I’m not too sure if it makes much difference to sales. Congratulations on your 400+ sales :smile:

Actually I have to agree - I was thinking exactly the same thing earlier. I have been in one favourite in the last year I think and never seem to be in them. Even though I am always adding items in the forums. It is a bit disappointing and I always look at the gift guides so must potential customers. It does feel a bit like a needle in a haystack here at the moment :frowning:

Congrats on the 400 sales :smile:

I think new shops probably show up to admin, they check them out, and see items they haven’t seen before to favourite, whereas us boring old farts who have been on here for years, well, we’re not that new and different any more lol.

I don’t let it worry me anymore if I’m not a Folksy Favourite or a Featured Seller - if I see a thread for a Gift Guide here on the forums that my stuff is suitable for I will add some of my items to the thread and hope to get noticed that way.


Many thanks

Many thanks Jan

Many thanks Sara

Hi Jennie,

Wow- Congratulations on 400 sales. I’m new to folksy and only made my first sale about a week ago and am waiting for number 2 :smile:

I wouldn’t worry too much about the Folksy Favourites - I think @DandelionsGallery is right that it’s new shops that pop up to Folksy and they try to help promote new people. When I first opened my shop I had 0 views in the first 2 weeks and it was only when I joined the forums that people began sharing and favouriting my items and my shop started getting more traffic.

Don’t feel disheartened - your jewellery is beautiful and obviously lot and lots of people love it


Congrats on your 400th sale personally I think that shouts more volume than being featured in the gift guide.

I’ve noticed I have a few items in different gift guides. But haven’t had any sales from those items apart from a Halloween item. So not sure how affective thay are :grin:

I think the 400 sales shows that you are popular with the people that matter - the buying public. I wouldn’t worry about being (not) featured in folksy favourites (or any of the other gift guides) - I’ve had my items in FF + others and so far it has lead to… zero sales of those items. Maybe, eventually it would but I’ll probably sell it at a craft fair before then.

I used to let it worry me too, especially when I repeatedly see the same items on the front page. I have been here for nearly 6 years and not been there either…such is life…sigh…

Some of the best sellers never even come on the forums or appear on the front page, but are still successful. Also some shops constantly have items featured even though they never come on the Forums and submit them. I’ve had things in Folksy Favourites and Gift Guides and though it’s admittedly nice to see something of yours on the front page I can’t say I’ve noticed any increase in sales. I would say, don’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:


Many thanks hollieeccles hope you soon get your 2 sale and many more

Many thanks oh button me

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Many thanks Sasha for the kind words