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Folksy Friday 15 July - Fruity Finds!

(Camilla) #1

Happy Folksy Friday everyone! Today’s #folksyfriday theme has been chosen by @SallyandtheFreckles and it’s everything fruity. We’re thinking citrus rather than naughty :wink:

So if you want to join in here on the forum, post your favourite fruity finds on Folksy in this thread… and join in everywhere else by creating your own themes and posting them using the #folksyfriday hashtag. Folksy Friday themes can be anything you like, just remember the idea is to share other people’s work not promote your own shops. It’s all about sharing the love :two_hearts:

Have a lovely fruity friday folks :tangerine: :pear::lemon:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Fruit is not my friend - I’ve been scratched to pieces picking gooseberries and I don’t even like gooseberries. Anyway in honour of tomorrow’s house guest I’ve themed my pinterest board around monsters any of whom would be a preferable visitor…

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(So Sew Megan) #4

What about this pear shelf, so original.

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(Thecraftycurioshop) #5

I have a Fruity Folksy Pinterest Board.

Here are some of the pins:-

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(Diane Burton) #6

A slice of this fruity find would go well with my cuppa right now :slight_smile:

(Sue) #7

I’ve joined in on Instagram @suetrevorartist

And new on here

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(Annie Storkey) #8

Been posting my favourites fruity finds on twitter :slight_smile:
Here’s a selection (a mix of mine and others)

(Lynn Britton) #9

As I don’t do Twitter, FB, Instagram or have a blog so I’ve pinned this beauty from @DewDropCrafts to my Wonderful Folksy Finds board

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(JackBentleyKnitwear) #10

So pleased you have added to this list, I may never had found you. You have a wonderful shop and I hope to be able to buy from you soon. This clock is gorgeous and so are your other items x

(flowersandfrolics) #11

I have joined in on Instagram and Facebook. My theme is Scrumptious Strawberries!

(Julieannrdesigns) #12

Here are my fruity finds for this weeks #folksyfriday Pinterest board

(Julieannrdesigns) #13

Here are my fruity finds for this week’s #folksyfriday Pinterest board

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(KateRoweDesign) #14

I have made a board that fits the theme:

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(Julie Maginn) #15

Thanks Lynn @erkinwald that’s made my day!!! xx

(Sonia Jayne Hawthorne) #16