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Folksy front page slight error!

(Rhiannon Rose) #1


I was looking at the Folksy front page just now, and noticed that one of the items was highlighted as “listed < 0 years ago”. Whilst I could go into a discussion of how less than 0 years ago might mean that it will be listed in the future, I will retrain myself to pointing out that it may just be an error.

(Roz) #2

Could be to do with this issue

(Rhiannon Rose) #3

I wouldn’t be at all surprised!

(Qteacup) #4

I have seen this several times, and then it seems to resolve itself.

(Alison Deegan) #5

My guess is that the “listed <0 years ago” is actually calculated against your device’s clock.

Check to see if your laptop/phone/pc time is set correctly.

It may be that if a device reads 12:00 when it is actually 12:15 then an item listed at 12:05 will show as being listed <0 years ago on that device.


(Inglivintage) #6

That happened to me yesterday as well, I looked again a couple of minutes later and the correct time had appeared - must be a glitch!