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Urgent changes to the recently listed view

(Camilla) #1

We’ve been having a few technical problems, linked to the recently listed items on the Folksy homepage. These have affected the speed and performance of the site overall. So to make sure the site stays steady and works as quickly as possible, we’ve had to make some urgent changes to the recently-listed view. As a result the recently listed box on the front page (and in a few other places across the site) will now just show recently listed items that have been created from new in the last month, rather than all relisted items. All items will still show in the Recently Listed page, as before. If you spot any issues or problems, please let us know.

This is the technical explanation from @dougfolksy :

The query that grabs recently listed items for the homepage has become very slow, over time, to the point where we’re seeing a performance hit for the whole site at times. The way to fix this will be to alter where we record whether an item has been published or not, but this will take some time and re-engineering of the database to do.

In the meantime, we have a performance bottleneck that we need to isolate and fix quickly. To that end, we’ve had to change the way the query that gets recently listed items for the homepage works. As a result, the query for the recently listed homepage component will now only query for those recently listed items that were created from new in the last month. This gives us a significant performance increase.

(Camilla) #2

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Could you clarify if listings that have been copied and then edited to generate the new listing for a different product will appear in the recently listed boxes on the front page or does the listing need to have been generated from the completely blank listing form? (hope that make sense)

(Helen Murphy) #4

I’ve been trying to upload new items for the last couple of hours but the photos won’t load. I’ve tried different photos, refreshing the screen and starting over again but no luck so it may be related to the query problem.

Thanks for the update,

(Leathermeister) #5

Camilla @folksycontent1 your fix on the recently listed doesn’t seem to have worked, there were pages of relists from a few shops again this morning.

(Helen Murphy) #6

Update: My photo upload problem was to do with cookies not the folksy site. Thanks Sian for the advice.


(Doug Livesey) #7

Yes, they would be new items, so they would have a new created at date – sorry about the late reply!

(Doug Livesey) #8

Hi – yes, the changes haven’t affected the recently listed page, but just the recently listed components on other pages (such as the homepage). Hope that clarifies things.

(Leathermeister) #9

Thanks @dougfolksy I get it but its a pity that all the relisted items get shown on the recently listed pages, for many its the only chance to get seen on the front page and before you know it your on page 10.

(Rebecca Hart) #10

I do agree with you Hazel, but I can also see the front page does look better as not clogged up with masses from the same shop :flushed:
Rebecca x

(Camilla) #11

(Tanith Rouse) #12

Hi I was just wondering if this is a permanent change or is the problem still being fixed? Thanks @dougfolksy