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Showcasing certain items

I’m so disappointed not to have any of my ceramics chosen to be shown on your ceramics gifts guides. Yet some ceramicists have several of their items advertised at the same time which seems unfair. I have been selling quite well lately, but it would still be good to have more exposure.I wonder how you make your selections?

Hi, I wondered the same actually. May I ask where you market your items? Just asking as I might be able to suggest some places etc x

Hi there, this forum is for Folksy users so if you need to contact Admin direct you can email them, or add the @folksycontent tag.

As for how to get in a Gift Guide, this link may help you (scroll down to the relevant bit):

I don’t really advertise anywhere other than Folksy. I have a few pieces in my local museum shop and do a few craft fairs during the year.

Thank you for that info

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Just seen one of your fabulous pots on the front of the Artisan Crafts on Folksy Gift Guide…

Thanks for telling me that and for your nice comment! I couldn’t find anything in Artisan crafts but I did find one of my pots in the Gifts for Dogs Guide!

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Perhaps the one I spotted sold? Good luck anyway, I particularly like the pots with birds on top :slight_smile:

It’s been moved to Handmade Ceramics :slight_smile:

Thank you Christine for that info. I do find the guides and categories all a bit of a minefield!

I was only looking through the guides because someone was complaining about a “Made in Yorkshire” one! I hadn’t been aware of it :slight_smile: