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Hi Everyone,

I’m new to these forums and folksy in general so please excuse this post if the answers are really obvious but how do I get onto the folksy gift guide??

Also how do I increase sales generally, I’ve been through all my items and tweaked pictures, tags etc… But sales are still painfully slow.

Any and all advice welcome.


(aroma healing)

To get on a gift guide I’m not 100% sure so anyone correct me if I’m wrong.
But the folksy staff pick I know some of the guides are made by people who sell on here.
Sometimes we get asked if we have anything. For folksy favourites it’s the staffs favourite items.

You have to have really good clear photos etc to get on there.
Hope that helps

Here’s the official line on how to get into gift guides and generally be featured by folksy
It basically comes down to having a good product that is well styled in the photos (personally I find your photos a bit cluttered with the flowers distracting from the product). Sometimes it pays to be blatant - I made a necklace to celebrate the eclipse earlier this year, put a link to it here and made sure that Camilla knew about it (hello @folksycontent anything to add?) so they popped it on their facebook page. If you tweet about a product and include their hashtag they will often retweet things.
Hope that helps


Thank you Sasha, that’s very helpful :slight_smile:

Good luck Melanie @AromaHealing. x

I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, do you think that’s the reason why I’ve not had anything included in a Gift Guide.

No it shouldn’t be the reason why you’ve not been in the gift guides it just helps get their attention, you can be blatant through the forums as wel.They do keep an eye on what we list so make sure that your stuff is well photographed/ styled and it should catch their eye. I wasn’t informed when my work made it into a gift guide or similar so have you been through them all and checked?

Hello Melanie @aroma healing awhile back there was talk about @folksy content starting a notification scheme if any of our products found their way onto a gift board. We all chipped in and suggested maybe on our dashboards would be good. Don’t know how far down the line that idea has gone… But as the topic has been flagged again maybe there is some new news from HQ?

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Thank you for your answer Sasha @SashaGarrett , I know I don’t promote as much as I used to but carer duties limit the time I’m able to spend on the internet, so I only promote through Pinterest and Craftjuice when I have the time.
I have looked through the Gift Guides from time to time but have not found any of my items as yet.

You can put together your own pinterest boards (including some of your own items) and submit them to folksy for consideration via the boards get put in with the gift guides. I’d have thought that your wrist warmers would be perfect for an autumnal themed board.

Sounds like a good idea to me :slight_smile: