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Folksy links not generating images within forum posts?

Is there an issue or has there been a change @Folksyadmin


Should generate an image which is clickable back to its page.

I had the same problem - thought it was me! :cat2:

This is a known glitch and the admin bods are on it and have asked the forum developer people to look into it as they don’t know what has changed to cause it (I can’t find the thread where Camilla told us that but she did).

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This is the link,

Suzzie x

I wonder if admin have seen this yet and if we need to send an email to admin.

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Photo link not working for me either, has been a few days now .

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lets try the link @FolksyStaff please can you help us all as photo links to items in shops are not showing up in threads on the forum.

thank you

I have let the forum hosts know because we can’t work out why the links aren’t showing properly. I’ll let you know when I hear back. Sorry, everyone.

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Thanks for the response @Camilla It’s not a major problem.

It should be fixed now :slight_smile:


I have tried to post in the forums and none of my pictures are showing, Has it changed how to do this? can some one help please as a post isnt a post without a picture Dawn

Thankyou ,all sorted now

There was an error in the code for the forum, Dawn. But it’s fixed now.

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Thank you Folksy admin :smile:


Thank you Camilla @folksycontent.

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I am having a problem uploading pictures to the forums today. Is there a problem again or has the uploading procedure changed? Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this?
Thanks for any help.