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Pictures not appearing with link

Does anybody know why when I post a link to an item in the forum the picture doesn’t appear? Up until a few days ago it was fine.

It started playing up a few days ago, I have emailed @Folksyadmin and @folksycontent, so hopefully that will all be sorted.
In the meantime if after you have copied address , you then return to the item and copy image it uploads onto the thread you are doing.
Suzzie x

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@folksyadmin, @folksycontent, - Not sure if anyone has flagged this up or who best to direct it to but for the last few days links posted in the forum have not been showing the thumbnail photos like they usually do. Is there a reason for this? It makes it more difficult to showcase items as just copying the link was sufficient before but now it’s necessary to copy the image as well.

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Ah, just spotted a previous thread highlighting this issue. Thanks @dikeeblebeadsandjewellery for bringing it up.

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We’re trying to get to the bottom of why this is happening but can’t work it out at the moment. I’ve flagged it up with the forum hosts too so we’ll try to get it fixed soon.


Thanks Camilla @folksycontent

thank you :slight_smile: