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Folksy mobile and normal page help

I was wondering if anyone can help.
Does folksy look completely on a computer to its mobile pages?
Just wondering because I have never seen folksy on a computer only via my phone.

A computer screen is wider than a mobile screen so whilst the folksy homepage on a mobile has one or two columns the same page on a computer has 3 or 4 columns (and only needs to be half the length as a result so less scrolling). So on my computer I get 3 columns with 3 or 4 pictures in them for the favourite finds and recent activity section but on my mobile it is only 1 column of 3 pictures. For the newest items section on my mobile its 2 columns with 4 rows and on the computer its 2 rows with 4 columns (same pictures).
There are also minor differences with how the menus are displayed so that the text is still readable.
Hopefully that answers your query.

Dawn, @hobbitgirlie1880 - I am just mightily impressed that you can do all you do on your phone! Don’t think my eyes or my clumsy fingers could cope with using just my phone - I occasionally look at Folksy using my phone but never to list/interact on forums - I need a big screen and keyboard for that!

Awww thanks Roz @Rozcraftz. I don’t really like computers. Especially my other halfs.
He has it set up for gaming and has a hd something or other screen x2. It makes me get headaches really bad.
So I do it all fromy fancy pants phone. I can see everything much better and do everything on the move. It’s great.
It doesn’t help tho when you mess up the settings on the camera tho.
Spent ages last night try to work out how to change it all.
Hopefully it’s all better now.

I sometimes wonder that too. I use my phone for pretty much everything- don’t seem to have the time to sit down at a computer so I never really see how things look on there.

I’m pleased to hear I’m not the only one who does everything on the go.
What would we do without our mobiles.
Lol I promise I do have a life

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