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Folksy on instagram - I have my suspicions!

Hi all

I got a like on one of my instagram photos from “folksyuk” (using official folksy logo as profile pic). I assumed it was an official Folksy page. I always tend to visit peoples home page and see whats going on. When I visited I found they had one photo and no followers. In their profile info they offer to promote your shop across social media for £5+.

This may be legit - but I doubt it. As far as I know folksy have never offered to promote shops for payment and something about it just doesn’t look right but I could see how people could be taken in (especially at 5:30am like me!)

I have emailed support but just thought I should flag this up just in case.

Apologies @folksycontent if this is legit - perhaps you can clarify


That account just liked a couple of my photos on Instagram too, again in the early hours of this morning. I clicked on the profile link and saw the form, looks a bit suss to me too…

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Gutted they only liked one of mine!!

Thanks for flagging this up Roz. It is definitely NOT us.
We have reported it and I’ve posted a warning on here


I couldn’t believe how they even used the same font as Folksy on their form! There’s some awful scammers around! My shop has been as dead as a dodo for nearly a month, so could understand how they could catch some people out, though I’m glad I’m so wary about these things!

Cheeky beggars!



I saw that this morning and knew instantly when I saw that money was involved it was a scam!

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Yep, this account liked four of five of my photos on Instagram early this morning also!

But sadly they have picked up some followers which will only help them on their way

Hopefully the account will be suspended by Instagram if people have reported it…scammers like that make me so angry!