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Hi all. I am in the process of trying to figure out how I can make my products on instagram link to my folksy shop - basically shopping on instagram with my folksy listings?

Any top tips? The help notes in Facebook are NOT intuitive and I have spent hours going in circles. I don’t know whether they are still reviewing whether I am eligable or whether that is done and I am refused. If I am refused how can I find out why as I may have made a silly mistake etc…

Anyone else done it and found it tricky, or easy?

Many thanks

I think you have to have a Facebook Shop and you can’t put links onto your Instagram unless you do. I tried it but didn’t want a Facebook shop, didn’t want to have to list everything twice And I don’t like the way the link, once you get it on your Instagram picture looks so I abandonned the idea,
Can you add the Folksy shop listing link to each picture in the comment. Might not be clickable but at least if its there …

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I think Joy @JOYSofGLASS is right, you need a Facebook shop in order to create same on Instagram. The only other way you can do it is to go for a paid promotion on selected items and opt for a “buy now” button, that will only last for the duration of the promotion.

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Yes you need a Facebook shop. My account is shoppable. I hardly tag tho. IG, then just want you to promote all the time. My reach isn’t as good anymore. I’m probably being penalised for not continuing to advertising. Not sure it’s worth all the hassle. Anyone else have shoppable posts on here I wonder?

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That is interesting. It just seems so good when you are on instagram. Thanks.

Hmm… yes that seems to be the only thing they are interested in now.

Good suggestion, will see how that goes, but I personally like the idea of instant pull from your image.

Yes you need a FB shop and then put a link to your Folksy shop in there - it is very laborious and time consuming and although I started with good intentions its a long time since I tagged anything on IG!

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I have my folksy linked to Instagram via facebook shop but not done much of late due to personal circumstances. Hope to get back to things in the near future.

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Oh I hope all is ok. Best wishes.

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Interesting, I need to decide what I am going to focus my energies on and wonder if this is useful…

If you have link tree on your Instagram profile you can add links to your Facebook page, folksy shop, website and any others.
Users click on the link tree link and can then choose where they wish to shop -hope that makes sense .
You can take a look at my Instagram page @reladesigns
There’s no charge for using link tree as far as I know this is the only way to link your folksy shop to Instagram