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Folksy pot and bill

(atalantaninetofive) #1

I may get thumbed down for this but having read another thread it seems that web hits are in decline.
After weighing the revenue from listings/commission against running costs and a wage bill every month the well may be almost dry,leaving very little for promotion.
What I propose is that folksy put out a pot and we who want to subscribe would chuck a quid a month in it,collected via the normal folksy bill and used on promotion.
You may not feel you should pay any more but bear in mind that none of us can advertise for a pound a month as individuals but collectivly we could.There would have to come a point when there was enough in the kitty to do some good and we will will not remain an icon of hand made if members are lost through lack of sales.

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(Roz) #2

Sounds like a nice idea and while I (and possibly others) would be willing to pay a bit more towards an advertising budget that would benefit my shop I’m not sure that having a voluntary contribution would work. There may be those that would pay it but it would be benefiting everyone including those that didn’t want to pay and I’m not sure that I would want to subsidise others. There would have to be some benefit specifically for those who contributed and I’m not sure how that would work.

(Rachel) #3

There is funding available to support the idea’s you have put forward. I did send these to folksy a little while ago but to no avail.

I would be happy to put a pound in the pot :smiley:

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(atalantaninetofive) #4

That could be a problem,certainly those that paid in would have to have turns on the landing page.
This just seems such a good place to be compared to galleries,where we stock their store for free and pay a 50% commision for the pleasure.

(Joy Salt) #5

There are many ways to promote your work without it costing money.
A bit of time and effort put into social media promotion can work wonders.Works for me anyway.

Galleries ? 50% ?. No chance.
I’ll go for Folksy any day and I do. Sorry but the idea of a voluntary ‘promotion pot’ seems totally impractical to me.

Why don’t you take a look at British Crafters on Facebook.
Dottie will do your promotion for you if you throw a bit of money into her pot. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Roz) #6

I have faith that Follksy will get there in the end - just needs a bit of perseverance :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Best to promote yourself as an individual shop when you do that you also promote Folksy as a whole the more each of use does our own promoting the more folksy as a whole gets promoted.

It doesn’t have to cost a penny. The only time it costs me anything is when I buy a new set of business cards.

(atalantaninetofive) #8

Some good input by all,I shall look into your suggestions.I am not known for parting with money,that’s why the 50p coin has flat edges-to get it out of my fist with a spanner.I have a problem with keywords ,if I search for a specific item I am bang on top of the first page but if I use a more general description like “handmade silver rings” I am lost in cyber space and a sea of handmade silver rings.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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(atalantaninetofive) #9

Don’t know what’s the matter with me anyway,I need to make and list a lot more so there is something worth looking at if they do land on my shop,and then worry about the promotion.

(Natalie Morris) #10

I think it’s a great idea - Id be happy to put £1 a month in a pot

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(atalantaninetofive) #11

I would,just to get traffic our way,not that I need it as I think I may be a rock star, l am in Dire Strats right now.

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(Brenda Cumming) #12

The idea theoretically might be a good one, but there are too many different shop keepers on here. For myself, I am a pensioner on a low pension (don’t ask how the Pensions people found a loophole not to give me a full pension…grrrr,) So digging in my pocket is not an option for me. There are also others who would benefit unfairly from those that DID contribute…so it would not be an even playing field…
One thing I do know though is that of all the many other outlets available for selling and not counting E and the auction site…Folksy is up there with the best…
Others have tried and failed…

(atalantaninetofive) #13

Right there with you as regards pension and yes I sold within two days of going live on Folksy so it has a lot going for it.I tried print on demand sites for my paintings and they are the pits,going to close mine down,you have to “play the game” comment,follow,favourite, all to no avail and no response.The community here does respond very well and each are a crafts person in their own right,these p.o.d sites get new members by the bus load every day,some of them upload frankly,dross that you have to try to get found amongst.