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Folksy Search?

I was wondering how you get your items to show up on page 1 and be the first item on that page, in folksy search. Is it in the titles, tags or how many items you have listed in your shop.

Thanks. Natasha x

Hi Natasha, I think its a combination of title, description and tags. I think when the item was listed is also a factor with most recently listed appearing further up the listings. Not sure what the definitive answer to your question is - I’m sure if we knew that we’d all be fighting for top spot! I don’t think number of items in your shop affects it but it is always good to have a good selection for customers to browse if they manage to find their way to your shop otherwise they may head off else where :smile:

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Thanks Roz, I’m on first page of ribbons, so can’t complain. Just wondered if there was a way to move further up the page. My folksy shop is doing well on google search so really pleased with that.