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SEO how does Folksy work?

(Claire Davies) #1

Completely new to Folksy, and having been selling over on Etsy for a while I am trying to get my head around how folksy works. How do people search for items, there doesn’t seem to be any way of attaching tags, or meta tags to your items. I know there’s not much in my shop at the moment, too busy trying to get orders completed for Christmas, but I was hoping someone could explain a bit about SEO so that when I am ready to add more things to the shop, I’m going to be doing it in the most effective way.

I’ve just read a post from back in May that is similar to the question I am asking. Seems like long titles and descriptions is good. So do the colours that you have to put in further down still contribute to search, or do you need to add that to the title too,

Also within stats, can you find out how people have found your items? Or do you just see how many views you’ve had? I need more information to know the best way to go.


(Sonia Adam) #2

Hi & welcome to folksy, Aisling! I don’t have all the answers to your questions & I’m sure others will add more.
As I understand it long titles with your most important key words at the start. I think it’s best to include as many searched for words in the first 150 words of your description as well as repeating the ones from your title.
The best way to analyse your shop is with Google Analytics, the shop stats here are limited for info.
Many of the features you are used to are under development as folksy is a much smaller site than other selling platforms. You can see what features have been requested and add your vote to those you think are important. (I’m on my phone & can’t link to it from here but someone else might oblige, or I will later on)
Hope that’s of some help - good luck & hope to see you on the forum.

(Debbie Todd) #3

I am interested to know also. Would appreciate any info. Thanks.