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(Chantal Hanna) #1

Can anyone tell me how the page positioning works now please? Years ago, Folksy used to list the newest items at the front.

I’d like to know if I need to keyword stuff (which I didn’t want to do) just to get my items in the first few pages.

I know there are lots of beads for sale on here, but I have a splattering of my 361 (so far) listings in the top 10 pages but I keep seeing the same items on the first couple of pages. I do understand that “beads” is very generic and there are slightly over 2000 beads for sale.

I just want to find out if I need to adjust my titles because I have another 400 items to list. When I joined Folksy I was loving the short neat titles it would be a shame to keyword stuff.

Ps, I don’t mean the front page, just the product listing pages

Cheers for any help

(Ellie Whitehead) #2

Just go into your dashboard and click on shopkeeping. There is a bit next to each picture which says ‘move to top’ just click it and its first on your page. You can also feature some items so they will appear larger and at the top of your page.

Now i am just going to check I’ve told you right…
Ellie x

(Claire Davis) #3

I posted about the same thing last week Chantal, and it seems like it’s a bit of a mystery for everyone! I have been gradually re-jigging all of my titles and descriptions and then checking in the search bar to see if it’s made any difference to how highly they appear. I think the description is definitely taken into account as well as the title. I found some helpful stuff on the folksy blog about it too. It was saying that any keywords you want to use need to be written into the description in a way that makes sense to read (as opposed to just a long list of unrelated words)
Hope this helps x

(Chantal Hanna) #4

Thanks Ellie, I think I may have confused you. I didn’t mean in my shop, I meant in the search terms for the whole of Folksy :slight_smile:

(Chantal Hanna) #5

Thanks Claire, think I will pop over to the blog :sunny:

I’m also going to change some wording to see if that makes a difference too!

(Claire Davis) #6

Good luck! I found the link to the blog post, by the way :smile:

x x

(Deborah Jones) #7

for page position in the listings newly listed still puts you at the top - briefly.
Search with words is obviously a different matter.