Folksy Spring Market - what was your experience?

Hi all Folksy Spring Market stallholders. Just wanted to find out what your experiences were. What were you selling, how much work did you do beforehand, did you engage social media, but most importantly did you sell and who were your customers? Was it the other stallholders you sold to or did you get the general public visiting? Sadly I had no sales despite my hard work on all fronts, but I hope there are plenty of happy stories, so please share them!


I’m sure Folksy will be crunching the numbers but an interim figure I’ve seen is that the market page had almost 9000 views as of last night and some of the other local captains who were doing the market reported sales in the captains insta group.


I didnt have any sales but i did gain a few new followers on folksy and instagram. I had a lot more shop visits too. I bought something nice for myself and my mum did too. I had a new range of products listed this weekend so i focused on that when promoting my own work and shared others work as much as i could too. I hope that helped market stall holders be seen.

All in all, i think more people are aware of my work and shop now so that is a success to me


It went well for me, I had a few sales and lots of traffic to my shop. As I sell knitted accessories I generally don’t sell much at this time of year so I was really pleased to have so much interest. Keeping the market open until Tuesday has added extra sales for me too :blush:


It went pretty well for me, had quite a few sales . I did a bit of sharing etc but didn’t put an awful lot of work into it as I’ve been doing a sleep restriction course ,so have been wiped out. Because of that I wasn’t expecting much, so a bonus for me. But I have put far more work in for others in the past and it hasn’t been as good - I never can tell what exactly it is that converts to sales. Don’t forget Sales can trickle in over the coming days because of the extra exposure - but i have a feeling that is it for me for now. Sales have been much lower for me over the last couple of months.


Thank you all. It’s such a good insight talking to other participants as everyone’s got something valuable to add and all this information is very useful. :slightly_smiling_face:


It went well for me this time! I had 3 sales over the weekend and 3 more on Monday- Tuesday afterwards, :blush: I didn’t have any sales over the Xmas one, so this was an improvement for me!

I did share posts, reels etc and I hosted an IG live (mainly talked about other peoples items not mine much) so for me it was a good market all in all!

Looks like 48 people came directly to my shop from Tresstle, then of course there was an uplift on Folksy too and views to my shop over that period was up by 300%!!!:slightly_smiling_face:

Amanda x


Ace! Well done :smile: :partying_face:

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