Folksy target audience

I’m interested to know what other sellers have as their target audience.
When I have FB ads I can specify the age group for each ad and have quickly discovered that I have very few interested under the age of 35 so now target my audience above that. This is also borne out by the audience figures from my Instagram account.
This is my audience age range from a first day’s FB advert :

So there is obviously little point including the lower age group in my audience as they are obviousy just not interested

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My target is the same Joy, think that age group has more disposable income and even at fairs found my target audience were older. A lot of it with my customers is nostalgia which is what I tend to make.

I would say my target audience is 40 - 55, and female.

My target audience is female aged 40 - 65.

I have a mixture of both Men and Women but a mixture of age groups for the Women.

I’ve done a couple of fairs recently and the genuinely interested visitors ( and more importantly paying customers​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) to my stall match my graph.
I do get men customers there too and often really interested in my handmade processes and I do sell to some online but SM wise men visitor figures are low. .
but I find at fairs under 40 age women. … walk past my pretty eye catching glass stall . and head for the ‘not handmade’ jewellery and ‘Christmas sparkly’ decorations and Expensive skin care stalls. So I assume they do the same online too.

Mine is primarily younger women which I would fully expect as a lot of my items are for baby’s and young kids.

I havn’t looked at any stats but the ages of my return customers and including local customers that I know fit the 40 plus age group and the majority are over 50 and female. The majority of my bear customers (main business) are collectors.

Ooooo - how does one find these stats you are all showing please?

This is so interesting, thanks for sharing! Most of my customers are women but there is quite a spread of age groups. I do also get more male customers than I used to when I sold jewellery. This is particularly noticeable at craft fairs - I have metal things! And a hammer! And rude words! So I collect all the bored husbands and partners around my stall and we talk about tools…


Oh thank you… that made me so laugh :laughing: @LooneySpoons that is so true of the tag along men at fairs!
I see both sides as a seller, and a volunteer organiser for our arts festival in our village in the summer, and I am still searching for… oh how shall I say… a quirky addition to well er… attract or interest the men! :joy:
Love your shop and items! :heart_eyes:

Interesting topic. My target market is very wide ranging. I have customers from teenage to 80+ and everything in between. I find that different designs appeal to different age groups, so I’ve created quite a mixture to cover the age range.