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Where do you think most of your sales come from?

Hi! Do you think most of your sales come from passing trade right here in folksy or do you think your sales come from people you have brought into folksy through promoting?

50 / 50 for me I think. My Facebook sends a lot pf people this way.

I’ve no idea as I don’t ask my customers how they found me it’s too intrusive.

I dont know if Google Analytics helps you work it out or not, but i think its really important to know where they come from, what sort of age they are etc so you know who your focusing on as your target audience.
I know mine have come from me promoting, because my customers have told me where they saw me, 90% of my sales both here and on other platforms have come from me promoting on instagram.
Ive only just started promoting on facebook and twitter, so hopefully that will help my views at least, as they are almost non existent.

I would expect people who are regular browsers of folksy to be set up with an account but since the majority of my sales are to people without accounts it makes me think they have found me via google but I can’t prove that either way (google analytics isn’t much use I find). My facebook promotion tends to lead to commissions or direct sales rather than traffic to here ditto all the business cards I hand out. Not sure if all the pinning I do makes any difference but since I put ‘folksy’ in the board title hopefully it raises the profile of the site in general.

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Ah what a good idea, putting folksy in the title! im still working out how everything works really, i used to just do craft fairs and the “other” site but decided i wanted to stick to the uk sites if possible, i was only posting to america and then it was taking a long time for my items to arrive and customers were getting inpatient of the wait, so id rather post the majority to the uk if ican!

My sales seem to have come from folksy traffic. I promote my shop on my blog and get a few views from there. Google analytics indicates that I get traffic from my blog and a lot of spam, but the majority of my views comes from within folksy.

I’m the same Sasha.

Most of my customers are guest buyers. Those who make commission orders don’t come via Folksy they use my facebook page or contact me via the two of the craft forums I’m on.

My knitting patterns get sold via my work on a very large American knitting forum as people see my work then ask if I’ve written my pattern up yet, and when will it be available for sale. My knitting pattern go all over the world to knitters who are able to read a knitting pattern in English.

I can’t even get Google Analytics as something went wrong when I tried to sign up.

The odd person has said they saw my work on Google+ and they’d clicked through to my shop.

My biggest return customer is from a craft forum I’m part of the admin team on. She just contacts via that forum when she wants me to make something for her.

I’m on another site and when they fill in the sale details, address etc, the was a dropdown box that asks “where did you find me” it’s not compulsory to answer but most people do, most of mine came from google search, a few via my blog, some from facebook. I also have a returning customer who have sent friends over to me. :slight_smile:

That sounds like something we could do with on folksy. It’s good that it isn’t compulsory. It would be really useful as a seller. Now you know where to focus your efforts in promoting.

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I would say 50/50 for me. :slight_smile:

I think Instagram has been helping me here and over on E.

A post payment survey (‘how did you find me’ etc) can be set up in paypal. I’m not sure how it would work with the folksy check out system though (would folksy get the results or us, could it only be applied to those that want the info or would everybody have to sign up) and part of me doesn’t want to go fiddling with settings incase it means people don’t get redirected back from paypal to folksy to complete the sale.

I never ask mine either but I quite often sell something just after I’ve posted it on Facebook and notice that the person who bought it left a like or a comment.

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