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FOR SALE Floor standing rotating display stands

(Liz Dyson) #1

Is there anyone near me in the High Peak, Derbyshire/North Cheshire area (SK23 7RS) who needs a display stand, or two? They are approx. 160cm high and have 80 Eurohook holders for displaying small wares. I used them at craft fairs for beads and findings etc. but as I am no longer doing craft fairs, I thought I’d better try and get rid of them. The top comes off the bottom and they easily stand up in the back of my little C Max.

I’m looking for £20 per stand if anyone is interested.

Thanks for looking.


(Rachel) #2

is there a limit for collection as it be next saturday before I could get there?

(Liz Dyson) #3

Rachel, I couldn’t think of a nicer lady to take them. Do you want both, or just one? I’ll see if I can find the euroslot punch for you, too.
Next Saturday is fine.


(Rachel) #4

I think one would be super - however if it doesnt go by saturday I might just pick up the two :smiley: Rachel

I think I know where is I am going my brother lived in Furness Vale until 4 weeks ago, there is some serious walking I want to do in the area so will combine the two, and thank you Liz your a star

(Liz Dyson) #5

Furness is only a couple of miles down the A6 from me, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding me.

You can reach me on 07706 670132 but the reception on the house is very poor, so if you call and it goes straight to voicemail, then it’s almost certain that I’m in the house and it might be better to call the land line on 01663 719297.

See you Saturday.


(Rachel) #6

Cash on delivery or paypal? Rachel

(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #7

Hi Liz. If Rachel decides not to take them, please let me know. I’m just down the road from you. Thanks a lot, Leslie

(Rachel) #8

I would just like one of them please @lizdyson and @LePetitBijouUK Rachel

(Liz Dyson) #9

Cash on collection suits me, if that’s all right with you?

@LePetitBijouUK Leslie, do you want the other one? And when do you want to come over?

@Glehcar, Rachel, I’ll see you on Saturday, just let me know what time?



(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #10

Hi Liz

That would be super. How would Friday be for you? I am at my day job tomorrow and Thursday and have to go to Sheffield on Wednesday. Can you please message me your address?

(Rachel) #11

Hi Liz, I am easy on time, mum and I are coming over to do some walking in the area so can call before or after - to suit you. Thank you Rachel :smiley:

(Liz Dyson) #12

Hi, Rachel, I’m not working on Saturday, so any time is OK for me, just let me know.


(Rachel) #13

11am? would that be okay?

(Liz Dyson) #14

That would be ideal. See you on Saturday.


(Rachel) #15

Thank you so much it was lovely to meet you and the stand is perfect. Rachel