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Hello All

This is my first time using Folksy talk, so sorry if my warning is in the incorrect place.

I have received five email scams in the past 30 hours. I have been reporting them to Folksy support to get them removed.

The latest is Ruth 90

They all ask the same questions:

Is the item new
What us it’s condition
Are you the owner
Do you accept PayPal as payment.

They are opening up their ability to purchase goods from Folksy sellers on Folksy and contacting sellers via the link ‘contact seller’.

I just wanted to warn you all. Please let others know as they are hitting sellers with high priced items

Regards Gail
Demelza Designs


Hi thanks for letting us know, there have been a few going around lately, hopefully they will get fed up sometime if they keep getting blocked on here.

I had the same one from Ruth90, spoke to paypal and informed them, i was nearly duped though hadnt heard of this before.

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Same here! Brown 542 today …keep deleting and marking as phishing.
So disappointing you get a frisson of excitement when you see the email only to realise it is some crank!Grrrr


Thank goodness I put out an alert. I had a total of five names in 30 hours and all reported to Folksy. As fast as I was reporting them they were taking them down from the site. I kept telling them someone would fall fawl if they didn’t know Folksy was being hit hard by the scamers. They said they were working on it, but it was a very difficult scam to get rid off. I think they must have done it because I have not had any more since Monday morning.

All the best.



Demelza Designs

I gave them my paypal addy, phone number and address. I’d never heard of it before. But when I got a request to send a load of money then broken English I knew it was not right. So I googled scams on folksy and found it. Thank god I realised before it was too
late. PayPal said as I didn’t click on a link I was ok. But they were very convincing.


I’m beginning to feel left out, I’ve only ever had one of these a couple of years ago


Your more than welcome to have some if mine. As I was receiving them I was notifying Folksy support straight away and they were trying to remove them as soon as possible. They informed me it was a very complex scam hitting their system and they were working hard to stop them getting through their security. It must have worked because I have stopped receiving them.

I have had a lot of emails from members regarding my alert to all.



Demelza Designs.

@PRaysonDesigns The few times I have had them it’s been on items over £100, they seem to aim for the big items.

Had one of these last night for the first time. I knew straight away all was not what it seemed but not sure what to do about it. He / she / it (jhonterry672) has contacted me 3 times now with a story about a bracelet for a sister and asking for all my details which, naturally, I have not shared. Who do I report to?

Paul @ Jagged

Folksy Support


Thank you for your email. You report it to Folksy support and then click on scam emails link. I think they are fed up with letting them know every time I receive a scam email, so it would be nice if someone else reported other than just egnoring them.

Can’t you put a filter into your email system to junk them, create a rule to identify on certain words they are using.


No you can’t filter them out. Apparently it is a very complex system the scamers have set up to pay pass the Folksy security system and Folksy are having trouble sorting out how they are doing it. They are working on it, but it’s going to take time. All we can do is worn each other so those new to Folksy don’t get caught out. One has already contacting me thanking me as she had to contact PayPal after giving them her person details by replying to the email she had! I am only too pleased she read my alert on Folksy Talk.



It really doesn’t matter how complicated a scam is, anyone / everyone nowadays is surely aware that such scans exist. Either by phone or by email, internet and should take s little bit of care . There are warnings enough in the media about clicking on unsolicited email links / handing over bank ,/ personal details. Scams are not restricted to Folksy. They have though been present for all the time Folksy had been running. The secret is to be aware and to simply ignore them.

I think periodic vigilant reminders for people is a good thing.


I agree with you, but not everyone is so Internet savy, I didn’t mind doing the alert for others, but had no intention being treated as if I was the only one aware of the scams. Some have even thanked me for my time.

Demelza Designs

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