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Free Postal Packaging - Can Anyone Use...?

23 padded envelope/jiffy bags, 4 waterproof plastic envelopes and 2 small cardboard fold-up gift boxes?

Theyre second-hand wee ones (generally not more than 6" big, though a few are about 6" x 8"), so if youre a jewellery seller, or sell other small items, these might save you money? Also, if you`re an eco-friendly seller or you sell organic cotton/recycled/upcycled things, using recycled packaging can be a selling-point. All good condition, just opened at one end, no excessively torn or crumpled or damaged ones!

Im happy to send you them in one bundle (Ill pay postage if it will help you, theyre extremely lightweight and Im financially a bit more ok these days!). Its just I remember how expensive everything got when I first started my own Folksy/Etsy business, and since Im moving house and having a clearout, I thought it would be right to ask if anyone could use these. Its nice not to waste them. I dont sell any tiny items that fit these bags myself, and I`m closing my shop anyhow.

This is me trying to post an image of the items…if it works! If interested, just message me on here or email .